The Altai Mountains
and the Katun River


Grigory Choros-Gurkin

The Altai, Siberia [1915]
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The Altai Mountains

“… Altai, He is not a simply mountains, woods, rivers, waterfalls, but He is a Living Spirit, who is generous rich Giant. He is fairy-tale ’beautiful in His colorful clothes of forests, flowers, grasses. The mists, which are His transparent thoughts, are running away to all countries of the world. The lakes, it’s His eyes, looking into Universe, Waterfalls and rivers, these are His speeches and songs about the Life, about beauty of Mother Earth, of Mountains …” Grigory Choros-Gurkin - Translated from Russian by A.Borovikov.


The Altai and the River Katun

NOTES (as provided by Gurkin in the original catalog)
1 korum — rocks that have fallen down from the mountains.
2 taiga or taika — in the Altai' language, those parts of the mountains above tree-line.
3 Uigen — supreme and good magical power.
4 Yaik — spirit protecting the home. He is an intermediary between the good man and evil spirits.
5 Kurmush — a good spirit protecting the Altai.
6 In the belief of the Altai people, this represents a conversation between mountains.
They say, in Russian, stomt dukh gory (the mountain spirit is groaning)
or, in Altaian, adyshtyat.

MY THANKS! are to my Siberian academic correspondent
Sasha in the regions of Novosibirsk

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Grigory I. Gurkin (1870-1937) - Further Resources

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