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Prepared March 2005.

Report 1 of 2: Publications by Category showing year of publication:
CATEGORY     TOTAL       2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 
------------ ----------- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- 
cond-mat     97          2    5    4    10   9    12   11   14   12
astro-ph     61          2    3    4    3    8    6    9    12   3
hep-th       20          0    1    0    2    2    7    2    2    1
physics      16          1    2    3    2    1    3    1    2    1
hep-ph       15          1    0    1    2    2    2    2    3    0
hep-lat      10          0    0    1    1    0    0    0    0    0
quant-ph     10          1    2    1    3    1    1    1    0    0
nlin.CD      9           0    0    2    2    1    4    0    0    0
gr-qc        8           1    0    0    0    1    1    2    1    0
math-ph      7           0    0    3    2    2    0    0    0    0
math.PR      7           1    0    3    1    0    0    0    1    1
math.OA      6           0    1    1    2    1    0    0    0    0
math.CA      6           0    1    1    3    0    0    0    1    0
chao-dyn     4           0    0    0    0    0    0    1    2    0
math.GR      4           0    0    0    1    0    1    2    0    0
math.DS      3           0    0    1    0    1    0    0    0    1
math.NT      3           0    3    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
nucl-th      2           0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0
math.ST      1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
math.MG      1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
math.DG      1           0    0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0
math.FA      1           0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0
adap-org     1           0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0
cs.CL        1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
cs.IT        1           1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
cs.NI        1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
cs.PL        1           0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0    0
math.CO      1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
math.CV      1           0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0    0
funct-an     1           0    0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1

Report 2 of 2: Publications, category and reference by date.
Title (60 chars)                                                                 Ref.No. Category 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- -------- 
Drawing conformal diagrams for a fractal landscape                               0503061 gr-qc
Comments on Fractality of Proton at Small x                                      0503047 hep-ph
From perfect to fractal transmission in spin chains                              0502148 quant-ph
Periodic orbit theory in fractal drum                                            0502059 cond-mat
The Fractal Dimension of Projected Clouds                                        0501573 astro-ph
Fractals vs. halos: Asymptotic scaling without fractal properties                0501409 astro-ph
Fractal Power Law in Literary English                                            0501361 cond-mat
Fractal Dimension of the Cantor Moire Structures                                 0501101 physics
Probabilistic and fractal aspects of Levy trees                                  0501079 math.PR
Arbitrage in Fractal Modulated Markets When the Volatility is Stochastic         0501054 cs.IT
Fractal Photonic Crystal Waveguides                                              0412093 physics
A Bohmian approach to quantum fractals                                           0412050 quant-ph
FROGi : Deploiement de composants Fractal sur OSGi                               0411062 cs.NI
Beurling Zeta Functions, Generalised Primes, and Fractal Membranes               0410270 math.NT
Accelerated expansion in a stochastic self-similar fractal Universe              0410056 astro-ph
Fractal structure of a white cauliflower                                         0409763 cond-mat
Fractal Sequences and Restricted Nim                                             0409408 math.CO
On the Frequency-magnitude Law for Fractal Seismicity                            0409142 physics
Ginzburg Landau theory of superconductivity at fractal dimensions                0408630 cond-mat
Cosmological Distances and Fractal Statistics of Galaxy Distribution             0408316 astro-ph
Gravitational Microlensing of Fractal Sources                                    0408196 astro-ph
Fractal geometry of literature: first attempt to Shakespeare's works             0408041 cs.CL
Apparent fractal dimensions in the HMF model                                     0407357 cond-mat
Estimation of fractal dimension for a class of Non-Gaussian stationary processes 0406525 math.ST
Fractal Components of Wavelet Measures                                           0405372 math.CA
On fractal Peano curves                                                          0404533 math.MG
Self-Similar Fractals in Arithmetic                                              0404498 math.NT
Dimensions and spectral triples for fractals in R^N                              0404295 math.OA
Fractal atom-photon dynamics in a cavity                                         0404002 quant-ph
Relations between a typical scale and averages in the breaking of fractal distri 0403070 cond-mat
Boundary versus Bulk Dynamics of Extended Objects and the Fractal Structure of Q 0403066 hep-th
Fractality, Self-Similarity and Complex Dimensions                               0401156 math.NT
Probing the eigenfunction fractality with a stop watch                           0401098 cond-mat
V-variable fractals and superfractals                                            0312314 math.PR
Fractal entropies and dimensions for microstate spaces, II                       0312223 math.OA
A Fractal Valued Random Iteration Algorithm and Fractal Hierarchy                0312187 math.PR
Piecewise Deterministic Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Fractals on the Poincare Di 0312046 nlin.CD
Fractal rain distributions and chaotic advection                                 0311083 physics
Hamiltonian walks on Sierpinski and n-simplex fractals                           0310777 cond-mat
The dynamical evolution of fractal star clusters: the survival of substructure   0310333 astro-ph
Fractal Dimension of Proton at Small x                                           0310260 hep-ph
Fractal Noise in Quantum Ballistic and Diffusive Lattice Systems                 0310125 quant-ph
Calculus on fractal subsets of real line - I: formulation                        0310047 math-ph
Fractal Structure of 4D Euclidean Simplicial Manifold                            0309047 hep-lat
Stochastic Self-Similar and Fractal Universe                                     0308370 astro-ph
Q-representation of real numbers and fractal probability distributions           0308007 math.PR
Voronoi and Fractal Complex Networks and Their Characterization                  0307754 cond-mat
Fractal fronts in fractal fractures: large and small-scale structure             0307545 cond-mat
Fractal Structure with a Typical Scale                                           0307116 cond-mat
Fractal sets of dual topological quantum numbers                                 0306071 math-ph
Wavelets on Fractals                                                             0305443 math.CA
Immersions with fractal set of points of zero Gauss-Kronecker curvature          0304153 math.DG
Conformal Fractal Geometry and Boundary Quantum Gravity                          0303034 math-ph
Fractal Measures, p-Adic Numbers And Continues Transition Between Dimensions     0302162 math.DS
Optics of Nanostructured Fractal Silver Colloids                                 0301081 physics
Fractal Rigidity in Migraine                                                     0301055 physics
Fractal fractal dimensions of deterministic transport coefficients               0301038 nlin.CD
On the Fractal Dimension of the Visible Universe                                 0301034 astro-ph
Magnetic Fingerprints of Fractal Spectra and Duality of Hofstadter Models        0212647 cond-mat
On properties of elementary excitations in fractal media                         0212350 cond-mat
Fractal entropies and dimensions for microstate spaces                           0212013 math.OA
Quantum chaos and fractals with atoms in cavities                                0212008 quant-ph
Self-Similar Structures and Fractal Transforms in Approximation Theory           0211349 hep-ph
Some questions related to fractals                                               0211239 math.CA
Happy fractals and some aspects of analysis on metric spaces                     0211136 math.CA
Random walk through fractal environments                                         0211113 physics
Percolation fractal exponents without fractal geometry                           0210106 cond-mat
Fractal Theory Space: Spacetime of Noninteger Dimensionality                     0210076 hep-th
Fractal asymptotics                                                              0210067 nlin.CD
The Hausdorff dimension of fractal sets and fractional quantum Hall effect       0209028 math-ph
Atomic Scale Fractal Dimensionality in Proteins                                  0208184 cond-mat
Estimates on the Spectrum of Fractals Arising From Affine Iterations             0208019 math.CA
Incomplete information and fractal phase space                                   0207647 cond-mat
Determination of fractal dimensions of solar radio bursts                        0207021 nlin.CD
Numerical study for the c-dependence of fractal dimension in two-dimensional qua 0207007 hep-lat
Fractal entropy of a chain of nonlinear oscillators                              0206124 cond-mat
Fractality and geometry in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions                 0206047 hep-ph
Atomic Fractals in Cavity QED                                                    0206005 physics
Scaling of voids and fractality in the galaxy distribution                       0205188 astro-ph
Luminosity Effects in Projected Fractals                                         0204485 astro-ph
Using NMR to Measure Fractal Dimensions                                          0204431 cond-mat
Quantum Jumps, EEQT and the Five Platonic Fractals                               0204056 quant-ph
Dark matter, dark charge, and the fractal structure of the Universe              0203267 astro-ph
Fractal Strings as the Basis of Cantorian-Fractal Spacetime and the Fine Structu 0203086 hep-th
Fractal Plate Tectonics                                                          0202320 cond-mat
Dimensions and singular traces for spectral triples, with applications to fracta 0202108 math.OA
Selfsimilar random fractal measure using contraction method in probabilistic met 0202100 math.PR
Nonlinear QM as a fractal Brownian motion with complex diffusion constant        0202026 quant-ph
From fractal groups to fractal sets                                              0202001 math.GR
Fractal von Neumann entropy                                                      0201489 cond-mat
Long-range fractal correlations in literary corpora                              0201139 cond-mat
Schr\"odinger operators on fractal lattices with random blow-ups                 0201041 math-ph
Statistically self-similar fractal sets                                          0112268 math.DS
Torus Fractalization and Intermittency                                           0112032 nlin.CD
An inhomogeneous fractal cosmological model                                      0111534 astro-ph
Interstellar extinction by fractal polycrystalline graphite clusters?            0111278 astro-ph
Boundary Corrections in Fractal Analysis of Galaxy Surveys                       0111234 astro-ph
Fractal extra dimension in Kaluza-Klein theory                                   0111115 hep-th
Level-spacing distribution of a fractal matrix                                   0111080 cond-mat
The eternal fractal in the universe                                              0111048 gr-qc
Fractal analysis of Sampled Profiles: Systematic Study                           0110031 cond-mat
Fractal fluctuations in quantum integrable scattering                            0109325 cond-mat
Limits of fractality: Zeno boxes and relativistic particles                      0109149 quant-ph
Stochastic models which separate fractal dimension and Hurst effect              0109031 physics
The world according to Renyi: thermodynamics of fractal systems                  0108184 cond-mat
On SUSY-QM, fractal strings and steps towards a proof of the Riemann hypothesis  0107266 hep-th
Fractals in top non-leptonic decays                                              0107075 hep-ph
Fractality of certain quantum states                                             0107030 math-ph
Fractal geometry of spin-glass models                                            0106366 cond-mat
Log-periodic route to fractal functions                                          0106316 cond-mat
Fractal Structure of Molecular Clouds                                            0105036 astro-ph
Quantum Fractal Fluctuations                                                     0104450 cond-mat
Radiation in a Fractal Cosmology                                                 0104394 astro-ph
From Fractal Cosmography to Fractal Cosmology                                    0104370 astro-ph
The Apparent Fractal Conjecture: Scaling Features in Standard Cosmologies        0104181 astro-ph
Fractal to Nonfractal Phase Transition in the Dielectric Breakdown Model         0103312 cond-mat
Fractals in Noncommutative Geometry                                              0102209 math.OA
Field theory of self-organized fractal etching                                   0102158 cond-mat
Fractal and chaotic solutions of the discrete nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation i 0101038 math-ph
Z scaling, fractality, and principles of relativity in the interactions of hadro 0101018 hep-ph
Plasmoid-Induced-Reconnection and Fractal Reconnection                           0101008 astro-ph
Fractal Structure in Galactic Star Fields                                        0012184 astro-ph
Spectra of non-commutative dynamical systems and graphs related to fractal group 0012174 math.GR
Relativistic corrections to fractal analyses of the galaxy distribution          0012076 astro-ph
Random walks on fractals and stretched exponential relaxation                    0011494 cond-mat
Critical exponents of ferromagnetic Ising model on fractal lattices              0011060 cond-mat
Numerical study of multilayer adsorption on fractal surfaces                     0010122 cond-mat
The Fractality of the Hydrodynamic Modes of Diffusion                            0010017 nlin.CD
Fractal Growth from Local Instabilities                                          0009231 cond-mat
The Fractal Properties of Internet                                               0009178 cond-mat
Comments on the Riemann conjecture and index theory on Cantorian fractal space-t 0009014 hep-th
Conductance Fluctuations of Generic Billiards: Fractal or Isolated?              0009010 cond-mat
Fractal statistics, fractal index and fractons                                   0008222 hep-th
Fractal distribution function and fractal-deformed Heisenberg algebras           0008171 hep-th
Fractal Statistics                                                               0008063 physics
Fractal Properties in Economics                                                  0008057 cond-mat
On plausible violations of the Riemann conjecture due to fractal p-branes in Can 0008056 hep-th
The Fractal Geometry of Critical Systems                                         0008047 hep-ph
Noncommutative Geometry, Negative Probabilities and Cantorian-Fractal Spacetime  0007224 hep-th
Fractal Statistics and Quantum Black Hole Entropy                                0007123 hep-th
Dark Matter and Cold Fractal Clouds                                              0006393 astro-ph
Fractal Electromagnetic Showers                                                  0006108 hep-ph
Issues in Quantized Fractal Space Time                                           0006048 physics
Fractal Scales in a Schwarzschild Atmosphere                                     0006020 gr-qc
Hierarchy of Critical Exponents on Sierpinski fractal resistor networks          0005338 cond-mat
Time Evolution of Quantum Fractals                                               0005060 quant-ph
Transport and Elastic Properties of Fractal Media                                0004463 cond-mat
Fractal Growth of Rotating DLA-clusters                                          0004032 nlin.CD
The Fractal Universe                                                             0004001 physics
Analytic Theory of Fractal Growth Patterns in 2 Dimensions                       0003044 cond-mat
Entropy Production, Fractals, and Relaxation to Equilibrium                      0003012 nlin.CD
Fractal Cosmology in an Open Universe                                            0002504 astro-ph
Conformal Dynamics of Fractal Growth Patterns Without Randomness                 0002420 cond-mat
Fractal index, central charge and fractons                                       0002181 hep-th
Fractal structures and the large scale distribution of galaxies                  0002124 astro-ph
Fractal stabilization of Wannier-Stark resonances                                0002013 nlin.CD
Transfer across Random versus Deterministic Fractal Interfaces                   0001273 cond-mat
The Galaxy Distribution: Homogeneous, Fractal, or Neither                        0001236 astro-ph
Fractal Symbolic Analysis                                                        0001009 cs.PL
Breakdown of Dynamical Scale Invariance in the Coarsening of Fractal Clusters    9912426 cond-mat
Scaling and Fractal formation in Persistence                                     9912209 cond-mat
Orthogonal harmonic analysis and scaling of fractal measures                     9912127 math.FA
Fractal Analysis of Electrical Power Time Series                                 9912112 cond-mat
Conceptual Problems of Fractal Cosmology                                         9912074 astro-ph
On Parabolic Subgroups and Hecke Algebras of Some Fractal Groups                 9911206 math.GR
Fractal Droplets in Two Dimensional Spin Glasses                                 9910366 cond-mat
The Fractal Properties of the Source and BEC                                     9910355 hep-ph
Fractal escapes in Newtonian and relativistic multipole gravitational fields     9910033 chao-dyn
Fractal Analysis for Social Systems                                              9910001 adap-org
The Apparent Fractal Conjecture                                                  9909093 gr-qc
The hierarchy of the preferred scales in the fractal universe                    9909051 astro-ph
Conformally Invariant Fractals and Potential Theory                              9908314 cond-mat
Distribution of fractal dimensions at the Anderson transition                    9907067 cond-mat
Fractal Structure of Random Matrices                                             9907055 nucl-th
Astrophysical Fractals: Interstellar Medium and Galaxies                         9906477 astro-ph
Fractal Growth with Quenched Disorder                                            9906443 cond-mat
Completely Mixing Quantum Open Systems and Quantum Fractals                      9909085 quant-ph
Fractals and Scars on a Compact Octagon                                          9909041 gr-qc
Traces of Subharmonic Functions to Fractal Sets                                  9908121 math.CV
Dimensionality and Fractals                                                      9908004 physics
On the possible space-time fractality of the emitting source                     9906442 hep-ph
The degree scale feature in the CMB spectrum in the fractal universe             9906013 astro-ph
The Mesostructure of Polymer Collapse and Fractal Smoothing                      9905393 cond-mat
Radiative Transfer in Clumpy and Fractal Media                                   9905291 astro-ph
Neutrino flux from the sun in the fractal universe                               9905266 astro-ph
Fractons and Fractal Statistics                                                  9905229 hep-th
Sandpiles on fractal bases: pile shape and phase segregation                     9904180 cond-mat
Thermodynamics of boson and fermion systems with fractal distribution functions  9904079 cond-mat
The Statistical Mechanics of the Self-Gravitating Gas: Equation of State and Fra 9903236 hep-th
Fractal correlations in the CfA2-South redshift survey                           9901290 astro-ph
Fractal universe                                                                 9901207 astro-ph
Critical Exponents near a Random Fractal Boundary                                9812416 cond-mat
The fractal distribution of galaxies and the transition to homogeneity           9812132 astro-ph
Polymer Adsorption on Fractal Walls                                              9811320 cond-mat
Scaling properties of discrete fractals                                          9811077 cond-mat
Thermodynamics for Fractal Statistics                                            9811007 cond-mat
Fractals at T=Tc due to instanton-like configurations                            9810383 hep-ph
Fractal approach to the beta relaxation in supercooled liquids                   9810102 cond-mat
Fractional Calculus and the Evolution of Fractal Phenomena                       9810030 chao-dyn
Fractality of pomeron-exchange processes in diffractive DIS                      9809512 hep-ph
Gravitational force distribution in fractal structures                           9809234 astro-ph
Some function spaces related to the Brownian motion on simple nested fractals    9809194 math.PR
Fractal Analysis of Protein Potential Energy Landscapes                          9808202 cond-mat
On the fractal structure of the universe: methods, results and theoretical impli 9808193 astro-ph
Fractal Geometry of Quantum Spacetime at Large Scales                            9808070 hep-th
Fractal Structures and Scaling Laws in the Universe: Statistical Mechanics of th 9807048 astro-ph
Fractals and the galaxy distribution                                             9806318 astro-ph
A fractal dimension estimate for a graph-directed IFS of non-similarities        9806039 math.CA
The Maximum Entropy principle and the nature of fractals                         9804257 cond-mat
A Fractal Galaxy Distribution in a Homogeneous Universe?                         9804171 astro-ph
Is the Universe a fractal? Results from the SSRS2                                9804085 astro-ph
Breakdown of Scale Invariance in the Phase Ordering of Fractal Clusters          9804080 cond-mat
Fractal Structures Driven by Self-Gravity: Molecular clouds and the Universe     9804048 astro-ph
Comment on fractality of quantum mechanical energy spectra                       9804034 chao-dyn
Exact isotropic cosmologies with local fractal number counts                     9804025 gr-qc
Thermodynamical fingerprints of fractal spectra                                  9803294 cond-mat
Models of Fractal River Basins                                                   9803287 cond-mat
Study of Fractality and Chaoticity in Central 4.5A GeV/c C-Cu Collisions         9803240 hep-ph
Loop Quantum Mechanics and the Fractal Structure of Quantum Spacetime            9803229 hep-th
Fractals and the Distribution of Galaxies                                        9803218 astro-ph
On the fractal structure of galaxy distribution and its implications for cosmolo 9803142 astro-ph
Fractal Dimension of Julia Set for Non-analytic Maps                             9802308 cond-mat
Fractal Diffraction Grating                                                      9802007 physics
The fractal octahedron network of the large scale structure                      9801276 astro-ph
Microgels and fractal structures at interfaces and surfaces                      9801231 cond-mat
The fractal structure of the universe : a new field theory approach              9801224 astro-ph
Scaling Range and Cutoffs in Empirical Fractals                                  9801127 cond-mat
The Limited Scaling Range of Empirical Fractals                                  9801038 cond-mat
Local Fractional Derivatives and Fractal Functions of Several Variables          9801010 physics
Cutting-Decimation Renormalization for diffusive and vibrational dynamics on fra 9710273 cond-mat
Quantum Fractal Eigenstates                                                      9710118 cond-mat
Diffusion on non exactly decimable tree-like fractals                            9710103 cond-mat
Fractal properties of clusters of colloidal magnetic particles                   9709157 cond-mat
Linear stochastic dynamics with nonlinear fractal properties                     9709101 cond-mat
Dense analytic subspaces in fractal $L^{2}$-spaces                               9709007 funct-an
Universality in Dynamic Coarsening of a Fractal Cluster                          9708036 cond-mat
Galaxy number counts and Fractal correlations                                    9706106 astro-ph
Why is topography fractal?                                                       9705033 physics
Lacunarity of Random Fractals                                                    9703051 cond-mat
Limited Range Fractality of Randomly Adsorbed Rods                               9703133 cond-mat
Scale Invariance in Percolation Theory and Fractals                              9702204 cond-mat
Laplacian Fractal Growth in Media with Quenched Disorder                         9702174 cond-mat
Angular Projections of Fractal Sets                                              9702116 astro-ph
Rigidity properties of locally scaling fractals                                  9701216 math.DS
Randomness and Apparent Fractality                                               9701201 cond-mat
Frequently asked questions about fractals                                        9701156 astro-ph
Fractal dimension and degree of order in sequential deposition of mixture        9701072 cond-mat
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking in Fractal Space                                     9701036 hep-th
Local angular fractal and galaxy distribution                                    9612225 astro-ph
How to Measure the Fractal Geometry of the Relativistic Fermion Propagator       9612009 hep-lat
On the Fractal Structure of the Visible Universe                                 9611197 astro-ph
On Dynamics of Fractality in Central C-Cu Collisions at 4.5A Gev/c               9610263 hep-ph
Fractal Dimensions and Scaling Laws in the Interstellar Medium: a new Field Theo 9609129 astro-ph
Self-gravity as an explanation of the fractal structure of the interstellar medi 9609005 astro-ph
Dielectric resonances of lattice animals and other fractal structures            9608079 cond-mat
Fractal Dimension of Backbone of Eden Trees                                      9607108 cond-mat
Fractals, Multifractals and the Science of Complexity                            9607048 cond-mat
Fractal formation and ordering in Random Sequential Adsorption                   9607020 cond-mat
Earthquake statistics and fractal faults                                         9606153 cond-mat
Fractal Conductance Fluctuations in Gold--Nanowires                              9606150 cond-mat
Fractal Structure of Space-Time in Two-Dimensional Quantum Gravity               9605185 hep-th
Finite Size Scaling Analysis of Biased Diffusion on Fractals                     9605125 cond-mat
Fractal formation and ordering in random sequential adsorption                   9604142 cond-mat
Apparent Fractality Emerging from Models of Random Distributions                 9604123 cond-mat
Magnetization Distribution on Fractals and Percolation Lattices                  9603065 cond-mat
Long-range (fractal) correlations in the LEDA database                           9603015 astro-ph
Fundamental Aspects of the ISM Fractality                                        9602144 astro-ph
Phases and fractal structures of three-dimensional simplicial gravity            9512016 hep-lat
A fractal model for the first stages of thin film growth                         9510141 cond-mat
Power spectrum for fractal distributions                                         9510014 astro-ph
Chaos, Fractals and Inflation                                                    9510010 astro-ph
Fractal Conductance Fluctuations in Generic Chaotic Cavities                     9510007 cond-mat
Determination of the Crumpling Fractal Dimension Via k-Space MCRG                9509062 hep-lat
Restoration of isotropy on fractals                                              9509043 cond-mat
Chaos vs. Linear Instability in the Vlasov Equation: A Fractal Analysis Characte 9509020 nucl-th
Two Topics concerning Black Holes: Extremality of the Energy, Fractality of the  9508002 gr-qc
On the fractal structure of two-dimensional quantum gravity                      9507014 hep-lat
Sandpile Model on Sierpinski Gasket Fractal                                      9504022 cond-mat
Scaling and the Fractal Geometry of Two-Dimensional Quantum Gravity              9504009 hep-lat
The Computational Complexity of Generating Random Fractals                       9503170 cond-mat
Chaos and Fractals around Black Holes                                            9502014 gr-qc
Fractal Behaviour in the O(3) Model                                              9501006 hep-lat
Paramagnetic alignment of fractal grains                                         9408079 astro-ph
Fractal Structure in Two-Dimensional Quantum Regge Calculus                      9407016 hep-lat
Fractal Cold Gas as Dark Matter in Galaxies and Clusters                         9407012 astro-ph
Riemann zeta function is a fractal                                               9406003 chao-dyn
On Fractal Structure of Quantum Gravity and Relic Radiation Anisotropy           9404076 astro-ph
Optical Diffraction from Fractals with a Structural Transition                   9404033 cond-mat
Combustion of Fractal Distributions                                              9403084 cond-mat
Fractal Dimension of Gauge-fixing Defects                                        9402009 hep-lat
A Universal Fractal Structure of 2D Quantum Gravity for c > 1                    9312157 hep-th
Harmonic analysis of fractal measures induced by representations of a certain C$ 9310233 math.OA
Criticality, Fractality and Intermittency in Strong Interactions                 9309264 hep-ph
Fractal Structure of Quantum Gravity in Two Dimensions                           9304117 hep-th
Fractal Properties of the Distribution of Earthquake Hypocenters                 9212004 cond-mat

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