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Prepared March 2005.

Report 1 of 2: Publications by Category showing year of publication:
CATEGORY     TOTAL       2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 
------------ ----------- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- 
Total-Line   163         8    26   24   25   20   19   21   8    6
gr-qc        89          3    14   9    16   11   13   13   4    4
hep-th       27          1    4    4    0    4    4    4    3    0
cond-mat     26          4    4    5    5    4    1    2    0    1
physics      9           0    2    4    2    0    0    1    0    0
astro-ph     7           0    1    1    2    1    0    1    0    0
hep-ph       3           0    0    1    0    0    1    0    0    1
math.DG      1           0    1    0    0    0    0    0    0    0
nucl-th      1           0    0    0    0    0    0    0    1    0

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Report 2 of 2: Publications, category and reference by date.
Title (60 chars)                                                                 Ref.No. Category 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- -------- 
Stiff Polymers, Foams and Fiber Networks                                         0503359 cond-mat
Bubbles in sheared two-dimensional foams                                         0502447 cond-mat
Spin Foam Models of String Theory                                                0502092 hep-th
Foams in contact with solid boundaries: equilibrium conditions and conformal inv 0501334 cond-mat
Timelike surfaces in Lorentz covariant loop gravity and spin foam models         0501093 gr-qc
New Spin Foam Models of Quantum Gravity                                          0501091 gr-qc
Simulations of viscous shape relaxation in shuffled foam clusters                0501082 cond-mat
Potentials between D-Branes in a Supersymmetric Model of Space-Time Foam         0501060 gr-qc
Spacetime foam in twistor string theory                                          0412044 hep-th
The Feynman propagator for quantum gravity: spin foams, proper time, orientation 0412035 gr-qc
Relating Spin Foams and Canonical Quantum Gravity: (n-1)+1 formulation of nD spi 0412011 gr-qc
Two-dimensional flows of foam: drag exerted on circular obstacles and dissipatio 0411551 cond-mat
Elastic properties of highly anisotropic thin poly(propylene) foams              0411538 cond-mat
Two-dimensional flow of foam around an obstacle: force measurements              0410319 cond-mat
The Feynman propagator for spin foam quantum gravity                             0410134 gr-qc
Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity and Spin Foams                              0409061 gr-qc
How Spacetime Foam modifies the brick wall                                       0409015 gr-qc
The Dynamical Velocity Superposition Effect in the Quantum-Foam In-Flow Theory o 0407133 physics
Comments on Cahill's Quantum Foam Inflow Theory of Gravity                       0407059 gr-qc
Space-time foam dense singularities and de Rham cohomology                       0406540 math.DG
Statistics of Bubble Rearrangements in a Slowly Sheared Two-dimensional Foam     0405489 cond-mat
'Dark Matter' as a Quantum Foam In-Flow Effect                                   0405147 physics
Quantum Foam and Quantum Gravity Phenomenology                                   0405078 gr-qc
A supersymmetric D-brane Model of Space-Time Foam                                0405066 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models of Quantum Gravity                                              0404259 hep-th
Topological Landau-Ginzburg models on a world-sheet foam                         0404189 hep-th
Spin foams, causal links and geometry-induced interactions                       0403137 hep-th
Spacetime Foam, Holographic Principle, and Black Hole Quantum Computers          0403057 gr-qc
Possible Limits on Photon Propagation from Quantum Gravity and Space-time Foam   0402570 astro-ph
Dynamics of loop quantum gravity and spin foam models in three dimensions        0402112 gr-qc
Three dimensional loop quantum gravity: physical scalar product and spin foam mo 0402110 gr-qc
Renormalization for spin foam models of quantum gravity                          0401087 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models of n-dimensional Quantum Gravity and Non-Archimedean and Non-Co 0401058 gr-qc
Quantum Foam                                                                     0401015 gr-qc
Space-Time Foam and Cosmic-Ray Interactions                                      0312221 hep-ph
Quantum Foam, Gravity and Gravitational Waves                                    0312082 physics
Space-Time Foam may Violate the Principle of Equivalence                         0312044 gr-qc
Spacetime foam, CPT anomaly, and photon propagation                              0312032 hep-th
Quantum Foam and Topological Strings                                             0312022 hep-th
Rigorous construction of a Spin Foam Model for Lorentzian BF theory and Gravity: 0311094 gr-qc
Relating Spin Foams and Canonical Quantum Gravity: A Discrete Step Evolution For 0311090 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models of Quantum Spacetime                                            0311066 gr-qc
The Foam Analogy: From Phases to Elasticity                                      0310686 cond-mat
Spin Foam Models of Gravity and BF Theory as evolution of Spin Networks          0310123 gr-qc
Quantum-Foam In-Flow Theory of Gravity and the Global Positioning System (GPS)   0309016 physics
Space-time foam in 2D and the sum over topologies                                0309012 hep-th
Synchrotron Radiation from the Crab Nebula Discriminates between Models of Space 0308403 astro-ph
Three-dimensional Quantum Supergravity and Supersymmetric Spin Foam Models       0307251 hep-th
Tensorial Constitutive Models for Disordered Foams, Dense Emulsions, and other S 0307098 cond-mat
Spacetime Foam Model of the Schwarzschild Horizon                                0307025 gr-qc
Gravity as Quantum Foam In-Flow                                                  0307003 physics
Foam in a two-dimensional Couette shear: a local measurement of bubble deformati 0306590 cond-mat
Two-dimensional shear modulus of a Langmuir foam                                 0305408 cond-mat
Dynamics and Topological Aspects of a Reconstructed Two-Dimensional Foam Time Se 0303063 physics
Spin Foam Quantization and Anomalies                                             0303026 gr-qc
Causality in spin foam models for quantum gravity                                0302018 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models for Quantum Gravity                                             0301113 gr-qc
A texture tensor to quantify deformations: the example of two-dimensional flowin 0301017 cond-mat
Spacetime Foam and Vacuum Energy                                                 0212013 gr-qc
Diffeomorphisms and spin foam models                                             0212001 gr-qc
Local Stress Relaxation and Shear-banding in a Dry Foam under Shear              0211624 cond-mat
Cosmological Deformation of Lorentzian Spin Foam Models                          0211109 gr-qc
Stress transmission in planar disordered solid foams                             0210336 cond-mat
Implementing causality in the spin foam quantum geometry                         0210064 gr-qc
Foam: A General purpose Monte Carlo Cellular Algorithm                           0210061 physics
Spin Foam Models of Yang-Mills Theory Coupled to Gravity                         0210051 gr-qc
Relaxing in foam                                                                 0208181 cond-mat
Projected Spin Networks for Lorentz connection: Linking Spin Foams and Loop Grav 0207084 gr-qc
A spin foam model for pure gauge theory coupled to quantum gravity               0207041 gr-qc
Liquid Crystal Foams: Formation and Coarsening                                   0206477 cond-mat
Froth across the Universe Dynamics and Stochastic Geometry of the Cosmic Foam    0206427 astro-ph
The Cosmic Foam: Stochastic Geometry and Spatial Clustering Across the Universe  0206366 astro-ph
Shear-Induced Stress Relaxation in a Two-Dimensional Wet Foam                    0205346 cond-mat
Continuum spin foam model for 3d gravity                                         0205037 gr-qc
Spin foam quantization of SO(4) Plebanski's action                               0203058 gr-qc
Coarse graining in spin foam models                                              0203036 gr-qc
Foam: A General-Purpose Cellular Monte Carlo Event Generator                     0203033 physics
Process Physics: From Quantum Foam to General Relativity                         0203015 gr-qc
Quantum Field Theory of Open Spin Networks and New Spin Foam Models              0202026 gr-qc
Can Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m wormholes be considered for Spacetime Foam formation? 0202023 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models of Riemannian Quantum Gravity                                   0202017 gr-qc
Boundary terms in the Barrett-Crane spin foam model and consistent gluing        0201077 gr-qc
Spacetime foam                                                                   0201022 gr-qc
The Foam Analogy in Charged Colloidal Crystals                                   0111313 cond-mat
A finite spin-foam-based theory of three and four dimensional quantum gravity    0111089 gr-qc
Entropy from the foam II                                                         0111068 gr-qc
Spin Foam Diagrammatics and Topological Invariance                               0111022 gr-qc
Generalized Lattice Gauge Theory, Spin Foams and State Sum Invariants            0110259 hep-th
Brans-Dicke wormhole and space-time foam                                         0110144 hep-th
What Casimir Energy can suggest about Space Time Foam?                           0110087 gr-qc
Space Time Foam: a ground state candidate for Quantum Gravity                    0110074 gr-qc
Positivity of Spin Foam Amplitudes                                               0110044 gr-qc
Polarized Spacetime Foam                                                         0109050 gr-qc
Diffusive foam wetting process in microgravity                                   0108367 cond-mat
Spin Foam Models of Matter Coupled to Gravity                                    0108099 hep-th
Corrections to the Newton and Coulomb potentials caused by effects of spacetime  0108060 hep-th
Primordial space-time foam as an origin of cosmological matter-antimatter asymme 0107246 astro-ph
Spacetime geometry from algebra: spin foam models for non-perturbative quantum g 0106091 gr-qc
Barrett-Crane spin foam model from generalized BF-type action for gravity        0104043 gr-qc
Phenomenological description of space-time foam                                  0104005 gr-qc
Deformation and flow of a two-dimensional foam under continuous shear            0103440 cond-mat
Algebraic description of spacetime foam                                          0102048 gr-qc
Osmotic Stabilisation of Concentrated Emulsions and Foams                        0101300 cond-mat
Space-Time Foam Effects on Particle Interactions and the GZK Cutoff              0012216 hep-th
Possible Effects of Spacetime Foam in Particle Physics                           0012001 hep-th
A coherent approach to Spacetime Foam                                            0011082 gr-qc
Wormholes and Spacetime Foam: an approach to the Cosmological Constant and Entro 0011048 gr-qc
Clocks, computers, black holes, spacetime foam, and holographic principle        0010234 hep-th
Gluing 4-simplices: a derivation of the Barrett-Crane spin foam model for Euclid 0010031 gr-qc
An effective model of the spacetime foam                                         0010029 gr-qc
Spin foam model for Lorentzian General Relativity                                0009021 gr-qc
The dual of pure non-Abelian lattice gauge theory as a spin foam model           0008095 hep-th
Black hole horizon and space-time foam                                           0007058 gr-qc
A spin foam model without bubble divergences                                     0006107 gr-qc
From computation to black holes and space-time foam                              0006105 gr-qc
An Approximate Model of the Spacetime Foam                                       0006016 gr-qc
Effects of quantum space time foam in the neutrino sector                        0004123 hep-ph
A Spacetime Foam approach to the cosmological constant and entropy               0003090 gr-qc
A Spacetime Foam Approach to the Schwarzschild-de Sitter Entropy                 0003089 gr-qc
Spin foams as Feynman diagrams                                                   0002083 gr-qc
Avalanches of popping bubbles in collapsing foams                                0001294 cond-mat
A testable description of space-time foam as a fundamental stochastic gravity-wa 0001100 gr-qc
The Cosmic Foam and the Self-Similar Cluster Distribution                        9912279 astro-ph
Space-Time Foam From Non-Commutative Instantons                                  9912019 hep-th
Effects related to spacetime foam in particle physics                            9911168 hep-th
Gravitational-Recoil Effects on Fermion Propagation in Space-Time Foam           9911055 gr-qc
On Wigner's clock and the detectability of spacetime foam with gravitational-wav 9911054 gr-qc
Quantum evolution in spacetime foam                                              9911002 gr-qc
Spin Foam Perturbation Theory                                                    9910050 gr-qc
Entropy and the cosmological constant: a spacetime-foam approach                 9910037 gr-qc
On the Salecker-Wigner limit and the use of interferometers in space-time-foam s 9910023 gr-qc
Foam: Multi-Dimensional General Purpose Monte Carlo Generator With Self-Adapting 9910004 physics
Probing Models of Quantum Space-Time Foam                                        9909085 gr-qc
On the detectability of quantum spacetime foam with gravitational-wave interfero 9909017 gr-qc
Gravitational Thermodynamics of Space-time Foam in One-loop Approximation        9908020 gr-qc
Causality in Spin Foam Models                                                    9908018 gr-qc
Entropy from the foam                                                            9906074 hep-th
Spacetime Foam and the Casimir Energy                                            9906043 hep-th
An Introduction to Spin Foam Models of Quantum Gravity and BF Theory             9905087 gr-qc
Statistics of Shear-induced Rearrangements in a Model Foam                       9904101 cond-mat
Canonical ``Loop'' Quantum Gravity and Spin Foam Models                          9903076 gr-qc
Hysteresis and Avalanches in Two Dimensional Foam Rheology Simulations           9902111 cond-mat
Spacetime foam and the electroweak coupling constant                             9902049 gr-qc
Large N wormhole approach to spacetime foam                                      9811187 hep-th
Quantum Foam and de Sitter-like universe                                         9808180 hep-th
Spin Foam Models and the Classical Action Principle                              9807092 hep-th
Thermal properties of spacetime foam                                             9806047 gr-qc
Fermionic and Bosonic Bubbles and Foam                                           9811028 nucl-th
so(4) Plebanski Action and Relativistic Spin Foam Model                          9804071 gr-qc
Space-time Foam, Casimir energy and black hole pair creation                     9801045 gr-qc
Spacetime foam as a quantum thermal bath                                         9801024 gr-qc
Spin Foam Models                                                                 9709052 gr-qc
Foam Diagram Summation at Finite Temperature                                     9708426 hep-ph
Spacetime Foam and the Cosmological Constant                                     9708026 gr-qc
Black Hole Entropy: a spacetime foam approach                                    9706030 gr-qc
Multidimensional Topological Foam                                                9701037 gr-qc
Geometrical consequences of foam equilibrium                                     9701006 cond-mat
A Quasiperiodic Gibbons--Hawking Metric and Spacetime Foam                       9505141 hep-th
Quantum Dynamics of Lorentzian Spacetime Foam                                    9309017 gr-qc
Cavitation of Matter in the Universe into a Degenerated Voronoi Foam             9309010 astro-ph
Valleys in String Foam Suppress Quantum Coherence                                9305116 hep-th
Is Quantum Spacetime Foam Unstable?                                              9210017 gr-qc
World-Sheet Duality, Space-Time Foam, and the Quantum Fate of a Stringy Black Ho 9206077 hep-th

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