Questions & Comments about Ancient History
and Biblical Criticism and History (BC&H)

Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2006
1Consideration of the implications of a Eusebian fiction postulate
2Eusebius: Contra Apollonius (History DELETED) pro Jesus (Fiction ADDED)
3What is actually novel in the "spiritual advice" of the NT over the OT?
4Database of authors (and their respective writings) of antiquity (0-300 CE)
5FJ: Eusebian fiction postulate & Julian "Against the Galilaeans"
6The word pagan and the word Hellenic
7specification of the mass of literature labelled Eusebius
8the identification of Enoch, Idris and Hermes
9fictional jesus and Julian's testimony (362 CE)
10History, myth and fiction in BC&H: a general terminological question
11Epictetus's non-reference to (christian) Galilaeans?
12Martyrs through refusal to enact sacrifice
13The (long lost?) songs of Arius
14Is the Gettier Problem relevant to BC&H?
15the Nicaean myth of biblical creation
16Eusebian Fiction Postulate
17the unutterable inference of mainstream BC&H
18how zen aware are minds associated with BC&H?
19star trek tangentiation
20Pythagoraean root for Platonism?
21archeological evidence for pre-Nicaean christianity?
22Ben Perry and his "Life of Secundus the Philosopher"
23History: the most probable explanation?
24Was Flavia Iulia Helena the 1st christian pilgrim?
25paleographic dating: unacceptable as 100% authoritive (C14 & 21st CE)
26The Diggers' Oath & the Nicaean Creed
27Did Origen refer to christians at all?
28when was the new bound to the old?
29The Alexandros grafitti exception
30Ammonius Saccas a pre-Nicaean christian?
31Jerome's eleventh man
32Did Constantine have absolute power?
33nascient Christ cults commandeered (4th CE)
34Ralhph Waldo Emerson's influence on BC&H
35FJ: Index of Theories of the History of Christianity involving FICTION and/or FRAUD
36The Ignatian Epistles Entirely Spurious
37The Antipodes Problem
38The 40 day fasts of the Buddha and the Jesus
39a question of objectivity
40The TF and the implications of 4th CE fraud
41Dating and role in textual transmission of Codexes A, B and Aleph
42questionable historicity of St. Justin Martyr
43How the modern christian church sits atop the obelisk of Karnack
44Constantius' (337-361CE) obituary by Ammianus Marcelinus
45Apollonius of Tyana in Ammianus Marcellinus
46Julian's (360-363 CE) obituary by Ammianus Marcellinus
47Ammianus Marcellinus (Res Gestae, English translation)
48Arnaldo Momigliano and the TF
49Foxe's story (Acts and Monuments, 1563)
50Hollerich's "Court Theologian" Eusebius
511st citation of Pliny's references to christians?
52The Date of Eusebius Historia Ecclesiastica
53Abraham's Holy Land
54Abrahamic religion and monotheism
55Pre-Nicaean use of the word ?µ???s??? ?
56the (non-christian) role of certificates of sacrifice (251 CE)
57Epitome de Caesaribus (41:16) - assistance with the Latin?
58Historia Augusta (4th century CE)
59Constantinian summons to Nicaea was regal not imperial
60that the Arian controversy was about the recent implementation of a new & strange god
61Momigliano's "The conflict between paganism and Christianity in the fourth century"
63purported pre-Nicene Clementines certainly post-Nicene
64Historiography of antiquity and hierarchical vs relational database technology
65christmas festival 4th century?
66H I S T O R I C I T Y - Can it be reduced to a percentage value?
67How much of 'Q' is essenic in Philo of Alexandria?
68comparitive historicity (Apollonius of Tyana c.f. Jesus of Nazareth)
69Poll: How necessary are the classical histories to BC&H study?
70HJ: self-explanatory, assertion or postulate?
71the inscription of Arykanda?
72zen and the archery of NT biblical history
73Julian's Caesares (Constantine and Jesus take up abode with Incontinence)
74Ancient and modern "Divisions of Philosophy"
75Poll: HP: Was Paul an historical figure?
76[Latin tr needed] - what an Irishman is reported to have said to Patrick.
77complete set (HJ, MJ, FJ)?
78Exploring Richard Carrier's "Eusebius was either a liar or hopelessly credulous."
79Barbarians 7 Romans 0 (thanks Clivedurdle)
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2007
80neopythagorean (non Abrahamic?) statement of monotheism
81Which new discoveries would provide evidence for 4th Century christian origins?
82Why did "the world groan to find itself Arian"?
83The Eusebian tribe of "pure" christians and the Marcionite splinter-christians
84Eusebius' "thrice-blessed" references in Vita Constantini
85Fernando Conde Torrens (Eusebius & Constantine dunnit)
86gnosticism and neo-pythagoreanism
87BMCR: Constantine as an 'eminent theologian'
88MJ Theories - what are the postulates?
89Porphyrian and Eusebian views inconsistent re the Essenic roots of "christians"
90When did the Roman Empire actually decline & fall?
91Archeologically who is the earliest "christian human being"?
92Apollos of Alexandria and the Early Christian Apostolate
93The Life of Demonax - Lucian
94Marcus Aurelius Antoninus' reference to "christian obstinacy" (circa 167 CE)
95Chronology of the Anti-Marcionite Prologues (post Nicaean!)
96Julian - Gore Vidal's novel (1962)
97C14 and the "Teacher of Righteousness" (1st CE?)
98How to obtain inscription translation (Bryn Mawr Classical Review article)
99Momigliano's "Devils and the Classical Tradition"?
100E.Schwartz: were German professors of Kirchengeschichte victims of their poor Greek?
101Emperor Julian's prime motive for writing "Against the Galilaeans"
102relationships between "the old" and "the new" components of "the bible"?
103Package specifications: "the fabrication of the Galilaeans"
104Constantine's Bible: "conspiracy theories" vs "absolute political power"
105Evidence of perversion of the patristic literature
106Porphyry's death and Constantine's "Porphyry found the reward which befitted him".
107IRONY: God's way of Confusing Biblical Scholars?
108Greek stelai inscriptions and the use of "Aurelios"
109Momigliano's Miracle
110St. JUSTIN MARTYR's fraudulent misrepresentation of an ancient inscription.
111Momigliano, Eusebius and Invention of new forms of historiography
112discussion about Arius, Bullneck and Bull-burner (
113What would damage both the HJ and MJ theories the most?
114Register of prenicene citations re: "christianity"
115catacombs of Rome as containing archeological evidence of pre-Nicaean christianity
116Can it be denied that the Council of Nicaea was a military supremacy party?
117Question about Diophantus (mentioned in Josephus)
118Arnaldo Momigliano's "Eusbebian 300 year 'correction' to accepted Chronology"
119Constantine in brief: highly intelligent supreme imperial mafia thug
120Why the delayed publication of good news? (
121Are the "Christians for Christians" Inscriptions of Phrygia really Pre-Nicaean? [x2]
122Constantine the mafia thug split from moderation. . .
123carbon dating the new testament texts
124Critically skeptical of the existence of evidence for pre-Constantinian christianity
125The Second Cybernetics: Deviation-Amplifying Mutual Causal Processes - Magorah Maruya
126Who was the "Official Thirteenth Apostle"?
127Bode's Law, Solar Harmonics & Planetary Orbits
128Chi Rho or IPX (Imperitor Rex)?
129Eduard Schwartz on Eusebius; English translation?
130Pontifex Maximus and the Apostic Succession
131Eusebian Frauds in the "Vita Constantini" (Elliott; JSTOR)
132Cited opinions "that the TF is completely inauthentic" starting with Kerry Shirts
133Why did Jesus mention Caesar before god?
134Who wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews?
135Are political issues important to textual criticism in the case of Julians Galilaeans
136Comparison: Graydon Snyder (1985) vs Robin Lane Fox (1986) ?
137The State of Early Christian Epigraphy: A Story of Three Stones.
138NEXUS Magazine Article: The Forged Origins of The New Testament (Constantine cited)
139Maria Dzielska: Apollonius of Tyana and His Historicity (an article)
140Nag Hammadi [348CE]: Thrice-Great Hermes; and evidence of early christian fabrication
141what is the difference between ???s?a??? and ???s?a??? ?
142Evidence that Constantine fraudulently misrepresented the patristic literature
143Constantine invented christianity in the fourth century
144A Brief History of "Christian Prayer"
145God(s) or "personal guardian spirits"?
146There were no "pagans" and no "christians" before Constantine (epigraphy, papyri) (
147Criticial Review of Pre-Nicene Christian papyri and inscriptions ==> 4th CE origins
148thesis: Constantine invented Christianity - public response to C.Weimer
149Talmud references to Jesus, the Gospels and/or Christianity?
150Did Gibbon write further on the historical character of Eusebius?
151Romans 15:28 - Country anachronism? [Spain or Iberia]
152Did Emperor Julian "LIE" MERGED
153mountainman digression on his favorite topic split from PJ's list
154How many libraries did the christians of the fourth century actually burn down?
155The Christian Invention of Judaism: The Theodosian Empire and Rabbinic Refusal ...
156Is the Prosenes inscription necessarily "christian"? (A question for textual critics)
157Burning Nestorius' history of 5th CE beliefs in the Fiction of Jesus
158Index Vaticanus Librorum Prohibitorum - English Translation?
159From which century was the codex widely used?
160the oldest christian cemetries/gravestones?
161Did Eusebius compose the "History of John"?
162Coptic gThomas 90 - Yoga; and "Yeshua says" merged with Gnostic "Codes"
163Dating the Treatise of Eusebius Against Hierocles/Philostratus/Apollonius
164Thesis paper: Trade Guilds of the Latter Roman Empire (Utley, 1925)
165Did "Early Christians" write dinner invitations?
166Was the Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles written by a non christian?
167Does P52 have 4th century comparanda?
168Non-christian Gnostic Origins and "The Hymn of the Pearl" merged w Acts of Thomas
169BC&H - should New Testament Studies be split out?
170JHS Referee Report "BROWN ON CONSTANTINE’S INVENTION". Peer Review?
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2008
171Poll: Is Lithargoel (the Pearl Man of TAOPATTA) "necessarily" Jesus?
172Zero point of sidereal and tropical zodiacs now 24.5 deg out of phase?
173Philo's Therapeutae and the Healer Asclepius in antiquity
174How does the christian mainstream explain Chrestos in the BCE epoch?
175off topic posts split from Chris Weimer biblioblogger of the month
176mountainman digression on [Cyril forged Julian] split from Acharya S
177What is the current classification system of NT Non Canonical texts?
178For those who assessed NO actual human being Jesus ...
179Why do the gospel authors have an ascetic Jesus who drinks wine and eats meat? (
180How did Arius' UNBELIEF "reproach, grieve, wound and pain the Church"?
181Interpreting the New Testament documents
182Was the Tomb inside the walls of Jerusalem?
183The Tacitus Reference (Annals 15:44) and ROSS on BRACCIOLINI
184Codex Theodosianus - English Translation?
185Interpreting the (Lausiac) parable of the Innocent Sheep & Lazarus
186John 6:53; cannibalism, Nestorius and the exciting Acts of Andrew among the cannibals
187The universe as a living thing
188Was the new testament written by pagans?
189The Cosmic Aether: New Scientific perspectives
190The "Leucian Acts of the Apostles": a comparitive review of scholarship
191Parallels between Jesus and Asclepius (The God of Medicine - Gerald Hart)
192Defending the EUSEBIAN (aka Constantinian) FICTION postulate (
193Could "docetic" be a christian euphemism for "fictional"?
194The Witnesses to the Historicity of Jesus (Arthur Drews, 1912)
195Lions, bulls and the pearl of great price (NHC 6.1) 348 CE
196was Pachomius (292-348 CE) "made christian" by Jerome?
197Origen split from Did Jesus quote from the Septuagint
198Momigliano's "Devils and the Classical Tradition"?
199Would the "redeemer of mid-summer" be a christian or a pagan motif?
200The 'city of nine gates' Gita reference at Nag Hammadi (NHC 6.1)
201mountainman derail split from Mithras quote
202The Humor of Jesus: Sources of Laughter in the Bible (Amazon)
203Ambrose Bierce's journalistic concept of christian (1911-2008)
204Nag Hammadi split from did John the Baptist et all exist
205Parody, The Acts of Philip" [merged again]
206an index of fraud concerning "christian" history by century
207NT authorship and publication dates, statistical estimation via C14 dating
208The three hundred and eighteen fathers inscription (Litterbugs as an enemy of God)
209The Acts of Titus: anyone know where the text may be located?
210Riding a hobbyhorse split from earliest copy of Matt in old Syriac
211JESUS DOWN-UNDER 2008: Expressions of interest
212Attempted hijacking of Septuagint thread by mountainman
213Creation, preservation and destruction of documents in antiquity
214Does Origen cite the Clementines?
215Off topic posts split from Are most NT scholars Christians
216Jeffrey vs Pete split from Epimenides & Acts 17:28/Titus 1:12
217The association between "FISH" and "JC" via the commonality of Greek letters
218Did Arius believe that Jesus existed? split from pre-Enlightenment intellectuals
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2009
219Why was the Shepherd (of Hermas) axed from the new testament?
220Another Pete digression on Arius
221Historicity exercise for BC&H researchers: the "saints" Cosmas and Damien
222Pete's hobbyhorse again split from methodology: Ancient biography and fiction
223mountainman derail on mythicism split from criterian of embarrassment
224An account of St. George as a follower of Arius of Alexandria
225WIKI's Josephus on Jesus "discussion" page
226What percentage of books published in the 20thC were authored in the 20th, 19th .....
227Jesus the sorcerer: apostles avoid eye contact (gJudas)
228Modelling tsunamis caused by impactors: wave size and global influence
229early witnesses to the authorship and chronology of the NT apocrypha
230Domitian's christian persecution as a fiction and the Acts of John the Theologian
231Who were the "heathens" of the NT? (
232Did the Index Librorum Prohibitorum commence in the fourth century?
233Acts of Pilate (Jesus heals by the power of Ascelpius) pagan or christian?
234Arius of Alexandria and Leucius Charinus are one in the same author (
235Do Aesop's Fables feature in "The Acts of Paul"
236Hijack split from Constantine Conspiracy
237The principle of persecution was first infused into Roman law by Constantine [Renan]
238The appearance of "christian names" in the archeological record
239Mountainman on Gospel of Peter split from Jesus Better Documented
240The HJ and the Gnostic Discoveries: The Impact of the Nag Hammadi Library
241The NT as a possible borrowing from Philostratus' "Life of Apollonius"
242Why does Jesus say "Why are you asking me?"
243Exactly where did Jesus often kiss Mary?
244Christian Archaeology Scoreboard: Churches (zero), church-houses (zero) +1housechurch
245The Gnostic Parable of the Pearl Merchant
246The demonization of the heretic Arius commenced with Damnatio memoriae
247Eusebian Fiction vs Hindu Prank origins of Christianity split from History and the NT
248The Twisted Histories of the 4th Century and the conveyor Belts of Dogma
249Does Tertullian's "300 years have not yet passed" (Ad Nationes) unmask Eusebius?
250The Historical (or otherwise) Jesus and Google Trends
251The Cross and the Electric Chair
252Gnostic works buried split from books destroyed in antiquity
253Is the aether hypothesis dead Jim?
254more of Pete's hobby horse
255The dimensions of knowledge - beingness exploring beingness
256How do we reject Eusebius? A bit at a time or all at once?
257Are HJ proponents in denial of the ancient historical data?
258What sort of a "Passer-by" was the Historical Jesus?
259The mode of persuasion in the rhetoric of the New Testament canon is pathos
260The Twelve Apostles of Plotinus
261The Gnostic Mystery: Links to Indian thought ... (
262mountain man rides his hobby horse again split from Jesus never existed
264Fourth-Century Aphrodites Show Paganism Persisted in Judaean Town of Hippos
265The Quest for the Historical Anti-Christ
266Making fruit salad of the Testimonium Flavianum (Kookaburra Jack)
267Our generation is fleeing since it does not yet even believe that the Christ is alive
268The Prayer of the Apostle Paul [Nag Hammadi as satire]
269Monty Python, shameful ridicule of the Bible, theatrical satire, Arius and Nicaea
270Poll: Were the gospels written in "good faith"?
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2010
271Constantine the Great and Apologetic Historical Truth
272Poll: How close to the historical truth was Eusebius' Christian "Church History"?
273Noble silence and its omission in the New Testament
274How did the church decide finally on what to include and what to exclude?
275How was Crispus executed by his father Constantine?
276religious forgery
277Integrity problems - Authors and Pseudo Authors in "Early Christianity"
278Gospel of Thomas and carbon dating split from complete reconstructed Q
279Did Plotinus attack Christians or was Porphyry interpolated?
280The image of "casting lots" in the canon (Mt27:35) and the NT non canonical
281Buddha's Logic - Theodor Stcherbatsky (1866-1942)
282Is the Gospel of Thomas Ascetical?
283Did the Orthodox and the Gnostics use the same rubbish dumps at Oxyrhynchus?
284Plato and Theodoret: The Christian Appropriation of Platonic Philosophy (Book)
285Pete's theory on Arius as a satirist (
286The "Historical Jesus" and the relevance of (non negatory) Historical Revisionism
287Nondualism - and the world's "Book Religions"
288Prahlad Jani (Starving yogi) astounds Indian scientists
289Jesus and Socrates
290Exploring "Knowledge" as filling "Dimensions"
291Jesus, partial asceticism and three intentional alterations to the new testament
292What does the evidence say about WHEN Christianity arrived in India?
293Eusebius's "Historical Christian Corruption" of the Apostolic Lineage of Plato
294mountainman's theories on Arias etc. split from Celibacy thread
295Ante pacem (Graydon Snyder) - an exhaustive and critical review of Snyder's evidence
296"what no eye has seen, what no ear has heard ... "
297C14 dating the "Gnostic Gospels and Acts" to the 4th century
298The Lord C's "prayer" seeks ownership of the only God for war but doesn't mention HJ
299Marcus Aurelius Prosenes a Christian? split from Polycarp
300Was the authority of the "tetrarchy" [leadership of 4] threatened by the 4 Gospels?
301Hereticism as a reasonable position on the Historical Jesus
302The source of the "Legend" between the Greek name "Jesus" and nomina sacra code "?S"
303Do all the Greek authors of the New Testament copy/paste the Greek LXX?
304Did the sun turn away from Jesus and recalling his rays make that day sunless?
305Does P.Oxy. 3035 dated 256 CE mention "Christian" or "Chrestian"?
306Origen split from Ultimate Proof for a Late Date for the Catholic Gospels
307The "Thecla" reference on the back cover of greek Codex Alexandrinus (Vol 1)
308Questions about C14 dating, Bell Curves and averaging two independent C14 results.
309Was Mani "Christianized", was Mani crucified, and had Eusebius read Mani's "Gospel"?
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2011
310mountainman's "pagan polemic" theory of the origin of the noncanonical gospels
311Has anyone seen the image of the serpent on the leather cover of Nag Hammadi Codex II
312There is no crime for those who have Christ: religious violence ... [Gaddis]
313Online English translation of P.Dura 54 - "feriale duranum" (timetable of festivals)
314Was the 'sour wine' of the ordinary soldier, given to Jesus as a "last cigarette"?
315The Imperial Persecution of "Early Christians" - A Critical Review of the evidence
316Nomina Sacra split from in Acts, Jesus Taught Nothing
317Docetic belief and the Non Historical Jesus: "who did NOT come in the flesh" [John]
318Poll: Historical Core or Mythical Core?
319Acts of the Chresmologoi: the Role of Oracles and Chronicles - Creation of Divine Men
320Which Christian source in antiquity is not seen as heresiological?
321The Acts of Mark (English translation)
322Tom Harpur on Bible Mythology, and Why He says Jesus Christ Never Lived Historically
323The Early "Christian Poker Association" - exploring History by way of Analogy [CENSORED]
324Did gnostic preservers make "collections" of texts, like the canonical collections ?
325Was Origen turned into a Christian by Eusebius split from Contra Celsus
326Peer review? Arius of Alexandria as a Platonist Theologian in the Council of Nicaea
327James McGrath on Earl Doherty's book "Jesus: Neither God Nor Man". (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
328Gibbon has an issue with miracles (and "Christian History" in general)
329fake martin luther king, jr. quote demonstrates how we got the apocrypha (XKV8R)
330The Last Pagan (Adrian Murdoch) and The Last Pagans of Rome (Alan Cameron)
331Was Origen turned into a Christian by Eusebius split from Contra Celsus
332The Temple(s) certainly Fell - but were they Jewish temples or Panhellenic temples?
333Easter as Vernal Equinox split from chronology of Easter weekend
334Pliny letter mentions “Christ-niks” - not “Christians” - according to K. C. Hanson
335Judas as the "Thirteenth Demon" - Constantine as the "Thirteenth Apostle"
336Israel Inaugurates “Gospel Trail”, after John fails to find Jesus's footprints ...
337NatGeo gJudas: Was the C14 280CE (+/- 60 yrs) subject to radiocarbon calibration?
338Were there two Origens? split from conspiracy theories
339Jesus as a fictional myth perpetrated on the Roman Empire in antiquity
340positive and negative historicity of the HJ etc in BC&H
341AD 381 - Heretics, Pagans and the Christian State (Charles Freeman)
342Was the attitude of the "Early Christians" to the Empire noble, stupid or fictitious?
343Was Mani a Christian redux split from Overlooked Reference to the Marcionite Paraclet
344Question probability of distinct duplicate (name, DOB, suburb) football players in teams A & B
345Paul's reference to a forged and "Christianized" Hystaspes (Clement Strom 6)
346Do we have a Letter of Paul to Constantinople (NHC 2.4) ?
347Can Jesus be exorcised?
348In which century does the earliest evidence of the Greek LXX appear? MERGED
349Resurrecting/Examining the rejected Leucius legend (author of main apocryphal acts)
350Did Constantine burn Plato and Euclid after Nicaea?
351Avi's question about YHWH/LORD and "possible forgery" in the Greek LXX
352FAQ: Constantine’s 4th century Invention of the Christian Religion
353Mani and Authorship of the Canonical Gospels (HHI Review)
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2012
354Seventeen hundred years ago today (28th October 2012)
355English translation of the Halkin (or Patmos) -Vita
356The Flavian Hypothesis: does it explain the evidence?
357Pete's favorite Vivekananda quote split from Philo, Josephus et al.
358A new and full method of settling the canonical authority of the NT (Googlebook 1798)
359Tom Holland responds to Glen Bowersock's review of In the Shadow of the Sword
360Cranium Bones and Tooth of John the Baptist [Heady material evidence]
361Secular hegemony and its academic sources before Jesus & the Nicaean Church
362Acts of Saints Processus and Martinianus (English translation?)
363Pete's f*cking conspiracy theory split from Discrepancy in Eusebius
364Did Jesus Exist? The Trouble with Certainty in Historical Jesus Scholarship (Verenna)
365The phallic 'Savior of the World' hidden in the Vatican
366Date of the Ascension of Isaiah split from new reading
367The British Messiah - Carausius "the awaited one"
368on the idea that Jesus did not exist being a modern notion. (Ehrman)
369Luke 19:27
370Where do scholars say the pagans disappeared to after Nicaea?
372Warlord theory of religion split from Quranic conceptions of Jesus
373Grumpy Jesus and a pagan swimming pool (Asclepius at Bethesda)
374Christianity as "a religion of threats and bribes unworthy of wise men" (Augustine?)
375mountainman digressions split from Mystical Controverys at the heart of Nicaea
376postulates at the foundation of various historical theories of christian origins (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)
377What codex did Jesus carry?
378What was Athanasius's comparision of Arius to Sotades meant to achieve?
379Were there mass conversions in the early 4th century Roman Empire to Judaism?
380Was the historical Jesus a "Big Lie"?
381Handling Fraud: methods and stats in science, ancient history and "biblical history"
382the disciples were called "Chrestians" first (Codex Sinaiticus; Acts 11:26)
383"The Greater Questions of Mary" (Epiphanius via Ehrman)
384JESUS DOWN-UNDER 2012: Expressions of interest
Subject Matter of the Questions Asked in 2013
385Does Galen mention Christians?
386Does Cassius Dio mention Christians?
387Acts of St Saturninus (English translation)
388mythicism and blasphemy laws
389Greek term translated as "base fame" in Constantine's letter of 325CE?
390Magdeburg Centuries (1st-13th CE Church History): English translation?
391The 4th century politics of harmonising the contradictions in the gospels
392What started gnostic hereticism?
393Was the Gnostic response to YHWH as an evil Demiurge a satire of YHWH?
394Acts of Linus (English translation?)
395Subversion of the Greek "daimon" [δαίμων] in the Gospels
396How secure is the terminus ad quem for Dura Parchment 24? [Mass C14 phobia?]

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