The Acts of Peter
and the Twelve Apostles

Non-Christian Ascetic Allegory and Hellenic Parody ?

The embodied (Soul) who has controlled his nature
having renounced all actions by the mind
dwells at ease in the City of Nine Gates,
neither working nor causing work to be done.

--- Bhagvad Gita 5:13

The Name of the Healer

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The (External) Name of the Healer

56He answered and said, "If you seek my name, Lithargoel is my name, the interpretation of which is, the light, gazelle-like stone.10
66If only Jesus would give us power to walk it!" 10
68He said to me, "Why do you sigh, if you, indeed, know this name "Jesus" and believe him? 10
69He is a great power for giving strength. 10
70For I too believe in the Father who sent him."10
88A great joy came upon us and a peaceful carefreeness like that of our Lord. 10
100He said to Peter, "Peter!" 10
102Peter responded to the Savior, "How do you know me, for you called my name?" 10
103Lithargoel answered, "I want to ask you who gave the name Peter to you?" 10
104He said to him, "It was Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. 10
105He gave this name to me." 10
117Continue in endurance as you teach all those who have believed in my name, because I have endured in hardships of the faith. 10
125Do you not understand that my name, which you teach, surpasses all riches, and the wisdom of God surpasses gold, and silver and precious stone(s)?"10
126He gave them the pouch of medicine and said, "Heal all the sick of the city who believe in my name." 10

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