The Acts of Peter
and the Twelve Apostles

Non-Christian Ascetic Allegory and Hellenic Parody ?

The embodied (Soul) who has controlled his nature
having renounced all actions by the mind
dwells at ease in the City of Nine Gates,
neither working nor causing work to be done.

--- Bhagvad Gita 5:13

Parody 1001 - Ministry of the Rich

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Parody 1001 - "Fitting" Spiritual Bond with the Rich

32The rich men of that city heard his voice. 1001
33They came out of their hidden storerooms. 1001
34And some were looking out from the storerooms of their houses. 1001
35Others looked out from their upper windows. 1001
36And they did not see (that they could gain) anything from him, because there was no pouch on his back nor bundle inside his cloth and napkin. 1001
37And because of their disdain they did not even acknowledge him. 1001
39They returned to their storerooms, saying, "This man is mocking us."1001
136"The rich men of the city, however, those who did not see fit even to acknowledge me, but who reveled in their wealth and pride - with such as these, therefore, do not dine in their houses nor be friends with them, lest their partiality influence you1001
137For many in the churches have shown partiality to the rich, because they also are sinful, and they give occasion for others to sin. 1001
138But judge them with uprightness, so that your ministry may be glorified, and that my name also, may be glorified in the churches." 1001
139The disciples answered and said, "Yes, truly this is what is fitting to do."1001

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