The Acts of Peter
and the Twelve Apostles

Non-Christian Ascetic Allegory and Hellenic Parody ?

The embodied (Soul) who has controlled his nature
having renounced all actions by the mind
dwells at ease in the City of Nine Gates,
neither working nor causing work to be done.

--- Bhagvad Gita 5:13

Parody 102 - Evasion, Hearsay,Abstraction

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Parody 102 - The "Path": Evasion, Hearsay and Abstraction

51The men asked Peter about the hardships. 102
52Peter answered and told those things that he had heard about the hardships of the way. 102
53Because they are interpreters of the hardships in their ministry.102
65When he had said these things to me, I sighed within myself, saying, "Great hardships are on the road! 102
74After this I went away from him in peace.102
76I marveled at the great things I saw. 102
80I responded, saying, "Justly [...] have men named it [...], because (by) everyone who endures his trials, cities are inhabited, and a precious kingdom comes from them, because they endure in the midst of the apostasies and the difficulties of the sto102
81So that in this way, the city of everyone who endures the burden of his yoke of faith will be inhabited, and he will be included in the kingdom of heaven."102
84We evaded the robbers, because they did not find their garments with us. 102
85We evaded the wolves, because they did not find the water with us for which they thirsted. 102
86We evaded the lions, because they did not find the desire for meat with us. 102
87We evaded the bulls [...] they did not find green vegetables.102
89We rested ourselves in front of the gate, and we talked with each other about that which is not a distraction of this world.102
90Rather we continued in contemplation of the faith.102

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