The Acts of Peter
and the Twelve Apostles

Non-Christian Ascetic Allegory and Hellenic Parody ?

The embodied (Soul) who has controlled his nature
having renounced all actions by the mind
dwells at ease in the City of Nine Gates,
neither working nor causing work to be done.

--- Bhagvad Gita 5:13

The Mysterious Pearl Man

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The Mysterious Pearl Man Lithargoel

17A man came out wearing a cloth bound around his waist, and a gold belt girded it. 11
18Also a napkin was tied over his chest, extending over his shoulders and covering his head and his hands.11
19I was staring at the man, because he was beautiful in his form and stature. 11
20There were four parts of his body that I saw: the soles of his feet and a part of his chest and the palms of his hands and his visage. 11
21These things I was able to see. 11
22A book cover like (those of) my books was in his left hand. 11
23A staff of styrax wood was in his right hand. 11
25I, indeed, thought he was a man of that city. 11
38He, for his part, did not reveal himself to them. 11
54He said to the man who sells this pearl, "I want to know your name and the hardships of the way to your city because we are strangers and servants of God. 11
82I hurried and went and called my friends so that we might go to the city that he, Lithargoel, appointed for us. 11
91As we discussed the robbers on the road, whom we evaded, behold Lithargoel, having changed, came out to us. 11
92He had the appearance of a physician, since an unguent box was under his arm, and a young disciple was following him carrying a pouch full of medicine. 11
96But I am amazed at how you knew this good man. 11

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