The Acts of Peter
and the Twelve Apostles

Non-Christian Ascetic Allegory and Hellenic Parody ?

The embodied (Soul) who has controlled his nature
having renounced all actions by the mind
dwells at ease in the City of Nine Gates,
neither working nor causing work to be done.

--- Bhagvad Gita 5:13

Endurance of Habitation

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Endurance of Habitation - Poverty of the Hellenes

14A man among them answered, saying, "The name of this city is Habitation, that is, Foundation [...] endurance." 12
15And the leader among them holding the palm branch at the edge of the dock. 12
40And the poor of that city heard his voice, and they came to the man who sells this pearl. 12
41They said, "Please take the trouble to show us the pearl so that we may, then, see it with our (own) eyes. 12
42For we are the poor. 12
43And we do not have this [...] price to pay for it. 12
44But show us that we might say to our friends that we saw a pearl with our (own) eyes." 12
46And indeed they, the poor of that city, heard and said, "Since we are beggars, we surely know that a man does not give a pearl to a beggar, but (it is) bread and money that is usually received. 12
47Now then, the kindness which we want to receive from you (is) that you show us the pearl before our eyes. 12
48And we will say to our friends proudly that we saw a pearl with our (own) eyes" - because it is not found among the poor, especially such beggars (as these). 12
50The poor and the beggars rejoiced because of the man who gives for nothing.12
75As I was about to go and call my friends, I saw waves and large high walls surrounding the bounds of the city. 12
78He [...], "Habitation [...]." 12
79He said to me, "You speak truly, for we inhabit here because we endure."12

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