The Gaia

proposed by

Dr James Lovelock
Dr Lynn Margulis

"Giants of Gaia" - Diana Stanley

Contents of this Resource

Chapter 1 ... Foreword, Introduction and Summary to this Publication
Chapter 2 ... Dr James Lovelock - Formulation of the Gaia Hypothesis
Chapter 3 ... Dr Lynn Margulis - Microbiological Collaboration of Gaia
Chapter 4 ... A Collation of Earlier Background Contributors to Gaia
Chapter 5 ... A Collation of Scientific Commentary on the Gaia Hypothesis
Chapter 6 ... The Gaia Hypothesis, NewAge Movements & Ancient Revivals
Chapter 7 ... Comprehensive Compendium of WWW Gaian Resources
Chapter 8 ... Biblographical References relating to the Gaia Hypothesis
Chapter 9 ... Further and Future Evolution of the Gaia Hypothesis
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