The Science of the Soul

The Wisdom of "Guru Ji"

{20 July 1884 - 23 October 1951}
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The Science of the Soul is a collection of the illuminating discourses and excerpts from letters and talks by Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji, the Master at Beas from 1948 to 1951. It is a masterly exposition of the teachings of the Saints and speaks vividly of who the Masters are, the downfall of the soul and how it can return Home ... the entire teachings can be summarised as:

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Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Government College, Lahore and soon afterwards joined the Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur as Assistant Professor, retiring as Vice Principal of the Institution. He came under the influence of the Great Master, Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji, when He was only twenty-six years of age and was initiated into the mysteries of the Surat Shabd Yoga - the Science of the Audible Life Stream.

He took to meditation assiduously and wholeheartedly. Even as professor, he became to be popularly known among the staff as well as the students as 'Guru Ji'. He had throughout only two interests - his official duties and his spiritual practices, both of which he performed with rare zeal.

Brought up in the scientific tradition, his whole approach to the path was practical; he would test out the veracity of all transcendental phenomena by actually experiencing them. He often used to say that the truths underlying 'The Ancient Wisdom' were as easy to demonstrate as mixing the colorless contents of two test tubes and seeing with one's own eyes the resultant colored precipitate. Instead of going to a laboratory of brick and mortar, one has to retreat within the human body and carry out one's experiments there.

His life was exemplary and one of absolute detachment from all material cravings. A true Kharma Yogi in every sense of the word, he waded unruffled through the muddy waters of the world intent upon his inner realisation and on carrying out the mission of his Great Master.


Maharat Jagat Singh Ji, Sant Sat Guru, Radha Soami Satsang Beas (1948 - 1951) was born on the 20th July, 1884 at Nussi, a small village not very far from Beas. He received His education in the Mission School at Jullundur and later took his M.Sc. degree in Chemistry. He joined the Punjab Agricultural College, Lyallpur, in 1911 as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and retired as Vice Principal of the institution in 1943.

On December 28, 1910 he was initiated into the Mystic Practice of Surat Shabd Yoga or Nam Bhakti by Huzur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji. He practised it very assiduously and conscientiously and, even as a professor, He was popularly known among the staff as well as the students as 'Guru Ji'. He had only two interests - His official duties and His spiritual practices, both of which were performed with unusual fervour. His faith in the Satguru was unshakeable.

Once, while in Lyallpur, he called upon Sain Lasuri Shar, a highly evolved ascetic, with a message from his Huzur Maharaj Baba Sawan Singh Ji. He used to carry such messages frequently between the two mystics. The ascetic was so pleased with this particular message that he embraced Sardar Bahadur Ji and offered to open up the Inner Vision immediately. The offer, to which anyone would have succumbed, was politely but firmly declined with the words that His own Master would do this as and when He thought proper.

Unremitting in the discharge of his duties, He left the imprint of a masterly mind on whatever he undertook to do; and it would be no exaggeration to say that much of the reputation of the Lyallpur College was due to his painstaking efforts. His help and guidance was sought by all, irrespective of their position, and He was a tower of strength to the administration. Although extremely tender at heart, He was a strict disciplinarian whose sound judgement, humane methods and efficient handling of situations won Him high esteem and honour.

Always ready to pass on to others the credit due to Him, never standing for any show, He was unostentatious to an amazing degree. Many are the instances where He anonymously paid fees for students, even educated some abroad, without their having ever known who the donor was and without Himself knowing the donees.

Throughout his long service He made it a point to spend most of his weekends with his Satguru (Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj) at the Dear, and many a person in Lyallpur owes initiation from Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji to His solicitude for them.

After his retirement in 1943, He spent practically all his time in meditation and Shabd Abhyas (Practice) till He assumed charge of His Master's work at Beas in April 1948 and engrossed Himself fully in carrying out the functions and duties entrusted to Him, despite His indifferent health.

He talked little, used words sparingly, went straight to the point - often quite bluntly. At such moments, His quiet brown eyes would light up with a flash.

He attracted quite a large intelligentsia in India and abroad and, being both a scientist and a practical mystic, was able to satisfy their intellectual and spiritual hunger and make them abiding followers.

He passed away quietly early on the morning of the 23rd October, 1951. The day before, He had dictated His will and given instructions about His funeral. He wanted no show, no waiting for people to attend the cremation. The body was to be cremated within a few hours and the remains were to be consigned to the river on the same day. There is a custom in this country to bathe the dead body, anoint it with perfumes etc and to cover it with a clean, new sheet of cloth. He completed this process very simply the night before His death by asking the doctor to give Him an anema, getting his body rubbed with a wet towel and changing into a clean suit. He had His bed moved from the center of the room to a corner near the window, and ordered everybody out. There was a feeble knock on the window at about 3 am. He asked for a glass of water and then slept to wake permanently into the higher worlds, to which He belonged.

His life was exemplary and one of absolute detachment from all material cravings. A true Kharma Yogi in every sense of the word, he waded unruffled through the muddy waters of the world intent upon his inner realisation and on carrying out the mission of his Great Master.

Simple in His habits, frugal in His diet and faithful to His work, He invariably emphasised the practical and human side of life, and seldom missed a humorous situation. He would insist on "vacating the body" as He termed it; that is, drawing the currently of consciousness up to the center behind and above the eyes, and described it as the panacea of all ills of mind and body.

Such was Sardar Bahadur Maharaj Jagat Singh Ji, a collection of whose discourses, talks and excerpts from letters are now being placed before the reader of this book.

It is hoped that the book will be read with advantage
by persons interested in spiritual advancement.

October 1959

Extracts from Chapter ONE - A Discourse by Guru Ji

Who are the Saints and
What do They Teach?

Today we shall discuss what is the true mission of Saints. On order to fully understand the subject, we must first have a clear description of the term "Saint" or "Sant". So many mistaken notions are current about "Sant Mat" [The Teachings of the Saints; the Science of God-realisation, practised while living in this world.] that even a large number of educated people, including some of the leading exponents of various religious thoughts, do not seem to understand it clearly. The term 'Sant', 'Saint' and 'Sadhu' are so widely misunderstood that any beggar in saffron robes is loosely called a Sadhu, which term was originally used to denote a person who is highly developed spiritually, and has crossed the regions of matter and mind.

It should be made clear from the outset that Sadhus do not recommend outward formalities, rites, rituals, modes of living, symbols or any special type of clothing. They are above castes, creeds, races, countries and nationalities. Nor is the term 'Saint" used in the sense in which it is generally applied in the Christian world; that is, one canonised by the Roman Catholic Church, or a holy person. As B.A. and M.A. are degrees connoting academic qualifications, so are the terms 'Saint' or 'Sant' or 'Sadhu' degrees in the school of Spiritual Science. According to the teaching of the Saints:

Having defines the term "Sant" or "Saint", let us now consider what the teachings of the Saints are.

Their first postulate, to whatever religion, race or clime they may belong, is: There is a God. The universe is not without a Creator, Sustainer and Protector. He is the ocean of Bliss, He is eternal, birthless and deathless.(Guru Nanak)

Secondly, all saints teach that our soul is, in essence, a drop from the Ocean of the Lord, whence it separated so long ago as to have totally forgotten its Divine Origin. All its woe and misery will end only when it returns to its Original Home and merges in the Ocean.

Thirdly, they all agree that God is within us and cannot be realised anywhere outside.

If we really wish to find Him, we have to seek Him within ourselves. He is close to us, physical eyes cannot see Him nor can our physical ears hear His voice. Only when a seeker receives instructions from an Adept and learns to listen to the Divine Melody within, does he become capable of seeing and hearing Him.

Fourthly, all Saints assert that God can be realised only while we are in human form. Neither animals nor angels, nor the denizens of the astral world enjoy this privilege.

Fifthly, the Saints point out that, within the body too, He is to be sought above the eyes and not below them. Those who concentrate at any one of the lower centers such as the Mul Chakra (Rectal Center), the Indri Chakra (Center of Procreation, Nabhi Chakra (Navel Center), Hirday Chakra (Heart Center), or Kanth Chakra (Throat Center), merely see the shadow. [These are known as the five lower chakras]

This is similar to beholding the reflection against a wall, of the sun's reflection in water, while the real sun itself shines above in the sky. Only one who has seen the real 'sun' above can testify that the reflection is that of the sun, and that it is merely the image and not the sun itself. Thus, only those who have seen the Lord within can realise that it is the shadow or reflection that pervades the lower centers and, in fact, the entire cosmos.

Now, the question arises, as to how to "go within"?. How to enter the Palace of the Ten Gates in which the soul dwells, and through which gate to go in ? The answer is quite simple. Try and find someone who knows the secret of the "house", who has himself been inside it and can take you "within" ..... before starting on our Spiritual Journey within, we have to seek the help of a Perfect Guide. Call Him Guru, Master, Friend, Teacher, Guide or Brother; the name makes no difference. In his usual forceful way, Guru Nanak says: "Let no one be deceived. None will cross the Ocean of the universe without a True Master, a Perfect Guide."

Now the Path of the Saints is both simple and easy. From a child to an old man, irrespective of caste, creed, color, and clime, all can easily follow the prescribed Spiritual Exercises. One is neither to change one's religion or mode of living, nor renounce the world and give up one's profession or business. Saints say: "Live in the world with your family, do all your duties, earn money honestly and spend it as you would a sacred trust, on your family and others who need your help. Live in the world but with a detached mind, all the while giving some time and thought to your most important duty of God-realisation."

Dadu says "Others speak only from hearsay. Saints see Him face to face." He cannot be approached by Yoga (of the breath, the centers of the intellect). What can I say? How should I describe Him? He is not describable. Only Saints know what He is. The Path of the Saints is not that of the yoga of the breath or of the six chakras (meditation at the six lower centers). Saint do not waste the time of their disciples by starting them at the lowest centers of the body. Besides, what does one get there?

The first or lowest center, the Mul Chakra, is presided over by Ganesh. The second, the indri Chakra, is governed by Brahma, the creator of the bodies. The third or Nabi Chakra is controlled by Vishnu, the nourisher or sustainer. The fourth, which is the Hirday or Heart Chakra, is ruled by Shiva, the destroyer. The fifth is the Kanth or Throat Chakra, presided over by the goddess Shakti, the source of the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The sixth Chakra, which is the highest stage ever reached by the yogis, is the "Tisra Til" or the "Third Eye", situated in the center behind our two eyes, and is the "Seat of our Soul and mind", the "Center of Consciousness" and the "Thinking Center". This is the center from where all our thoughts and energy go out. Our creator, the Lord, is above in the twelfth chakra. Thus we have to cross six more chakras above the seat of our soul, behind the eyes, to meet Him.

Would it be wise step for us to first descend to the lowest chakra and then to commence the long and arduous journey upward from that lowest rung of the ladder?

And what does one gain by starting at the lowest chakras? One meets only the deity or the power stationed at a particular chakra for the purpose of management of that particular function in the body (the microcosm). Moreover, this journey through the six chakras is so very difficult, hazardous and tedious that it is quite unsuited to the conditions of the present age. The "Dharma" (method to be adopted) of each Yuga or Age is different. In this KaliYuga you cannot successfully adopt the yogic methods that were in vogue in the Sat or Treta Yugas, when the life's span was longer and the struggle for existence negligible. The population was small and the land yielded all its requirements without much toil. Besides, men were strong, celibate and pure-minded. Would the young men of the modern age be able to carry through the hard exercises of the Pranayam, Dhoti, Neti, Vasti and the difficult Asanas and Mudras? Even if they could, what a long time it would require. And where would that take us in the end? At its best, no farther than the eye center. No, my friends, we are living in an age of automobiles and airplanes. We should not stick to the old methods or transportation.

The method of the Saints is Surat Shabd Yoga. The Mohammedian Saints called it "Sultan-al-Azkar" (The King of Methods). It is the "Anahad Marg" of the Upanishads. This is the most natural and harmless method. You are not to renounce the world or become a "Sanyasi", nor are you to change your mode of dress. It calls only for some time daily for carrying out meditation, while doing your other duties. It may be stressed that your primary duty is that of God-realisation while in human form.

The Satguru will give you the techniques at the time of Initiation. He will then tell you how to "go within" the Palace of the Ten Doors, through the eye center, by the withdrawing your attention from the nine outlets and concentrating it at the "Third Eye". Here the Heavenly Music resounds day and night. This melody comes direct from the feet of the Lord. By attaching yourself to It, in accordance with the instruction of the Master, you will reach the Place where It issues forth. This is the sum and substance of the Teachings of the Saints (Sant Mat). Only a fortunate few come in contact with a True Saint.

Surgeons who have dissected or operated on scores of bodies, have never found a Brahmand [Literally - the egg of Brahm; the entire universe over which Brahm has jurisdiction - Brahm: Lord of the second spiritual region; the Power that creates and dissolves the phenomenal world.] or a Sach Khand [Literally the True or Imperishable Region - Sat Lok] in any one of them. The answer is that they are not to be found by means of physicians' or scientists' instruments, nor can they be perceived by the gross physical senses. They are hidden behind the veil of the mind. Only when we become pure through spiritual practice and rend the veil of the mid in accordance with the instructions of a Master, can we realise the Lord. We have to dive deep into our own inner and real self, cross the intervening physical, astral, causal and pure spiritual regions, then reach the Highest Plane, the everlasting Sat Lok, to behold the Lord. Saints tell us the way and give us the technique which enables us to accomplish all this.

They teach us how to withdraw the mind and soul currents from the body, up to the eye center, by concentrating our attention at the eye center and contacting the Divine Melody, the Shabd, which is the Creator of all the regions of the worlds, within and without. It is called by various names. Since we can hear It, It has been termed "Shabd", "The Audible Life Stream", "The Sound Current". This is the "word" or "Logos" of the Holy Bible In the Granth Sahib it is called "Shabd Duhn", "Nam". It is the "Khun" of the Quran, the "Nad" of the Vedas, and the "Anhad" of the Upanishads.

The Bible says: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made."

Swami Ji says: "Word created all the three worlds".

Guru Nanak says: "Word created the earth and sky. Word created all."

The writings of the Saints always extol the glory of the Word or of the Master. Both are the same in Essence.

The creator of the entire universe is One without a second. He is the Vital Force at the root of all activity. Though He is the Creator of the Macrocosm as well as the Microcosm, He Himself resides within all. His search He initiated Himself, and Himself gave His own tidings. As He is invisible, He always gives instruction through some human form. In fact, He Himself assumes the form of a Master and comes into the world to lift poor souls out of the misery and pain into which they have fallen. Through the link of the Word, He joins the seeker to Himself and thus bestows God-realisation on the disciple.

The Supreme Being is within us. Nearest is He to us. His Throne is within us but we knock about outside in search of Him. God is far way from those who do not "go within". Therefore, my friends, if you yearn for the Love of God, go to a Master and act according to His instructions in all earnestness. He will bring you face to face with the Lord.

We are all social beings and want the company of someone, be he a friend, relative or clansman. But true satisfaction comes only through contact with a Master. It is only He who can end our sorrows and sufferings by putting us in touch with the Supreme Being, the Source of all Peace and Bliss. God manifests Himself in the form of Saints in every Age. They come into this world and point the Way to the Supreme Lord. They are not attached to worldly objects as are the mundane people. They live in the world as a duck does in a pond; that is, it lives in water, eats and plays there all the day, but flies away with feathers quite dry. In the same way, Saints live in the world but are not soiled with its dross. Their soul ever remains with the Lord in all its actions.

No one knows when his end will come. Can anyone say when he will die ? Death makes no distinction, It may come to a child, to a young person or the aged. You have been incarnated in the human body as a result of past good deeds, but remember, this body will not last for ever. Therefore, make the most of if here and now. The eye center is the "Door" to the "Palace of the Lord" in the body. Enter there in, listen to the Shabd, the Word, and awaken your love for the Supreme Being. Time will come when this body, this breath, this youth, will pass away. So utilise the time to your best advantage before it is too late. Contact the living Master and attune yourself to the Voice of the Lord within, which calls you day and night. This is the message of the Saints.

Only the word is true. All else is false. All the regions, the worlds and their kingdoms and rulers are perishable and subject to change. Thus, if you continue your attachment to the world, loving dross and perishable things all your life, you will remain confined to them in your next life. Therefore, detach yourself from the temporal things and attach yourself to the True Eternal World.

Beware of the mind and its tricks. Those who obey the dictates of the mind flounder in the bog of illusion and never taste true happiness. There is no end to their misery. Evidence of it is found every day in letters received from persons who say that they are fed up with life and want to put an end to it. But this is a coward's approach. Death does not end their miseries by any means. Rather, they have to render further account for the act of taking their own life. The remedy lies within the human body. You will not find peace if you take your own life. If you love the Master, never, not even in a dream, let such a though cross your mind. A person who takes his own life, goes straight to the lowest hell and suffers indescribable torment there. So, never think of committing suicide. If death were an escape from miseries, it would be a simple affair. But no, the miseries you will have to face hereafter would be out of proportion to the miseries here.

Guru Nanak says: "O Nanak, the entire world is unhappy. Only those find peace who live in Nam." Swami Ji says: "How tightly are we bound down by hoops of steel. The first bondage is that of our own body (instead of being universal, we become limited). The second is that of wife (Because our attachments increase when we marry and have a family). The third is that of children, and the fourth of other relatives. As the chain lengthens, the bonds become stronger. Our own ailments and mental worries are additions, but those of our children and children's children lie heavy on our heads and present one long nightmare of pain and sorrow, strengthening our attachment to the world and resulting in our being born over and over again."

The basic principle is: "As ye desire, so shall ye reap." Nature must fulfil every desire of yours. If you attach your attention to Nam [Name; the same as Shabd, Word or Logos; the Immortal Creator] and strengthen that bond, you will not have to be reincarnated in this world. Those who are attached to the world must return to it to reap its pleasures and pains. While those who learn the secret of Nam from some Adept and get merged in Shabd, are liberated from the cycle of eight million, four hundred thousand species, the maze of life and death, and become one with the Supreme Being.

Plug the channels of lust, anger, greed, attachment, pride and egotism, all of which pull you down and draw you out. Man's attention has been scattered outside through these five passions since times immemorial. We have not yet found the Path and have wasted our whole life in straying farther away from our Real Home. Only by attaching ourselves to and merging ourselves in something which is permanent and everlasting, do we become immortal; otherwise after death we are reborn in the form in which we can best fulfil our desires and thus once again go through the wheel of "eighty-four."

The soul itself is immortal, a Princess of Royal Blood, as it were. Its unhappiness lasts only so long as it is under the control of the mind. It is the company of the mind that has reduced it to the position of a 'slave girl'. Therefore bring it under control of the World, or the Shabd, to liberate it from the thraldom of the demon mind. Go within and connect your consciousness with Nam so that you may be elevated out of this sphere of births and deaths. Thus will you achieve Eternal Salvation and Bliss.

To recapitulate:-

[1] Saints are those who have attained the highest stage and have become one with the Lord.

[2] Saints alone are truly humble.

[3] Their teachings are:-

[4] Saints prescribe Surat Shabd Yoga wherein the attention, after being withdrawn from the body and concentrated at the eye center, contacts the Divine Melody.

[5] They also enjoin, 'Live in the world but be not of the world'.

[6] Everything in the phenomenal world is unreal. He alone is Real and Everlasting. Go within, connect your consciousness with Nam [Name; the same as Shabd, Word or Logos; the Immortal Creator] and be liberated from the eternal wheel.


The Science of the Soul

The Wisdom of "Guru Ji"

{20 July 1884 - 23 October 1951}
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