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Loving Unified Field Geometry
for Softies

by Dan Winter

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Summer of 1995

Loving Unified Field Geometry for Softies
by Dan Winter

Date: 3 Jan 1996
From: Dan Winter
To: sci.physics
Subject: Quanta and Consciousness

The Heart, Fractals and the Universe

>> The quanta of consciousness is recursion..
>> as is the branching, the quantum collapse to center
>> called gravity occurs only in the presence of
>> fractal pattern compression, optimized by golden mean/phi
>> (idealized translation vorticity)..
>> fractality defines/limits spin density/ mass
>> awareness-distributed as spin-onsets with recursion in harmonic
>> system, dodeca(dna/earthgrid/zodiac) permits cross scalar
>> info transfer in as above/so below, pressure fractal..
>> if time is spin measured and the time spiral is fractal(mayan),
>> then when does it become self aware?

"You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze"..
Loving Unified Field Geometry for Softies.

by Dan Winter 12/24/95

On the side of the box containing a well designed crank operated Tomato Juicer, is printed the motto of today's inspiration: "You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze". The news for preservers of sweet memories is juicy. Properly applied pressure, sorts waves into preserveable order. The key operating component of the Tomato juicer is a human operated turning spiral helix engraved on a cone vortex. What emerges from the apex of the cone in the shade of living blood, is a harvest of sweetness.

A physicist once asked me incredulously, did I mean literally that the unified field was all made up of simple pressures, just like you would squeeze someones hand to say "I Love You" ?

Most of us recognize that sound is a "geometry of pressure". And those of us who have heard of piezoelectricity know that mechanical pressure is leveraged into electrical pressure in the presence of helical geometry. The slinky gets a little skinnier when you pull on its ends. What better way to connect a long wave of pressure to a short, than in a braid.

Tesla's word for voltage was "tension" , amperage is the flow rate, voltage is the pressure. Pressure times flow equals work done or watts. And of course Gravity feels like pressure going in not out. Einstein said if electrical pressures went one way instead of both, the monopole, that would be exactly gravity. Today we call that a scalar wave, or caddeuceus.

It's a unified field of pressure. Gravity talks to magnetism in a particular symmetry of pressures, which interestingly looks like the symbol of the Medical professions. (Serpentine Caddeuceus).

The only other "fun"-damental forces which physics schizophrenically imagines to be "separate", are the nuclear. Yet we now know that the "collapse" of the wave function into center which glues the nucleus to the electrons is the fractality or recursion of the platonic nuclear symmetries to the electron shells. In other words for atoms to hang together, and make their bit of inward collapse called gravity, only "as above so below" is possible. Waves are not so dumb as to fall into a center which is not in their own image and likeness. It would be death to spin. Give them fractal symmetry or give them death. Fractals hold infinite spin and information and awareness density in their heart. A perfect Valentine zooms in forever. (2 Almond/Heart shaped Golden Mean Spirals.)

So it seems that the Unified Field is knowing how pressures get together without fighting. In physics they do this all with mirrors and call it symmetry for waves. Regular people call this experimenting with sharing. Somtimes pressure gets us to share.

The glandular skill to bend pressures into braids which put energy in motion across scales, is called E-motion. In the Sentics, the musical shape of simple pressure as touch, creates a complete language of emotion. If the fingers pressure on the violin string or the lover, creates a wave whose pressure grows and falls in the ratio of Phi (or Golden Mean), then that touch "feels" like love. El (turn) into the O (circle) of Phi (Recursion), Lo phi.. Love. We're beginning to get a "feeling" for squeezing as bio's logical language.

Our very word for life, is an El (turn) into the Eye (focus) of Phi (Recursion). El-Eye-Phi, Life. Look at the waves nest. If the harmonics are embedded or fractal or recursive, then it is alive/self-aware.

At the moment of compassion, the harmonics in the EKG become recursive.. as in any system recursion creates/embeds awareness, since awareness is distributed as spin. In fractal recursion, awareness/spin density appraoches infinite.

Only in this way are the little pressure vortex wormhole song lines able to live one inside another infinitely. This makes the glue which holds together things like atoms and people and continents. This makes magnetism in the land inhabitable.

The fundamental principle is that squeezing encourages pressures to nest in the only way that their spin can survive. If all the spin paths proceed to center along the Golden Mean Spiral, Yellow Brick Road to Oz, then vorticities translation is optimized. In other words the ideal equi-angular spiral path allows all angles, all ratios, to be saved... while moving between scales. So no patterns/memories are forgotten.

This ideal recursive self embeded wave fractal in two dimensions looks like Betsy Ross's pent stars within stars, created by 10 Golden Mean spirals in a pent nest circle. (Top down view DNA). Waves in this geometry can add and multiply forever and never fight. In three dimensions, this looks like a dodecahedron inside a dodeca inside a dodeca... Each time you extend each edge of the dodeca straight out, by Golden Mean "stellation", you make Icosahedron. Doing this again makes another dodeca... infinitely. This is the universes only perfect Three dimensional wave fractal. This is the shape of DNA (wratcheting Dodeca), Earth Grid, and Zodiac (12 faced). This shape is variously called Merkabbah, Ezekial's wheels, City of Revelation, etc. Obeying this rubric made as bove so below. And created image and likeness.

The Earth grid's dodeca/icosa shape permits planetary magnetism to embed the Zodiacal. Thus from the point of view of the Angles, we couldn't get a better squeeze.

The heart's muscle is arranged in seven spiral layers exactly in the tilt of the seven arrows through a tetrahedron. This is the universes maximum symmetry spin shape. According to the wratcheting tilt of the voltage donut converging at the heart, the muscles squeeze the blood different tilt angles. The result is that the heart does not pump the blood, but rather squeezes out messages to the body in nests of vortices. The eddies carry sonic impressions to the thymus, which when ecstatic or coherent make the tinkertoys wave lengths fit which we call an immune system. This is the Alphabet of the Heart.

At the moment of compassion or love, the wave length's in the EKG become coherent and recursive or fractal. The heart learns the best permission to touch for pressure waves, and envelopes all spin into one "cardioid" pattern. This is a learned and teachable skill. This is why love is the is baud-rate/hand shaking algorhythmn to God's Modem. When data is fractal it is infinitely spin dense and infinitely shareable.

The test which maximum squeezing creates at center, is which thoughts or spins are shareable. One of the things which squeezing cancels out is secrets.

When the Phi or Golden Mean Spiral is laid on the donut, the shape of all pressures which survive, it makes a 7 Color Map Moebius Strip. The shadows of that 3D spiral as it tilts to the angles which would allow the donut to nest, are the ABC's. These elements of symmetry are the only language light pressures ever had. Tilt to fit spin, and the permission to touch among waves was called "word". ProperABC's make symbols in the brain psychokinetic, like a sound hologram beating up on an optical hologram.

Each letter of the alphabet is a different tilt on the same Golden Spiral in to the center of the infinite fractal. This means that the spin/info/pattern heart of any unfolding rose, can always be quickly located by knowing the ABC's "spin path to zero point". No donut field can catch you off center when you know where to grab it by the throat, and eat it's spin.

In this way, every pressure which is served to you, serves you. As the Unified Field's fractal Love Nest Christ-All-Eye's, "You Couldn't Get a Better Squeeze".


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Loving Unified Field Geometry
for Softies

by Dan Winter

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Summer of 1995