Toward a Science of Consciousness

"Tucson II"

April 8-13, 1996 - Sponsored by the University of Arizona

An ABSTRACT submitted thereto by the Author, entitled:

The Inner World of Man

A model of the Eco-System of the Soul

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The Inner World of Man:
A natural model of the Eco-System of the Soul

PRF Brown
BCSLS {Freshwater}
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In the footsteps of the promulgation of the generic conception of a heliocentric outer cosmos, the Western Sciences since 1600 not only have pioneered the mapping of the outer visible terrestrial world, but have revealed the existence of, and pioneered the mapping of, (a) the previously unseen world under man's feet and (b) the previous remote world above his head.

Exponential growth of diversity and specialisation have attended these advances. The inertial foundation of the western disciplines is the mind of man (i.e.: the sciences are mathematically and intellectually derived). General Theories pertaining to provide explanation of natural phenomena in all these disciplines have undergone tremendous evolution over the last few hundred years, yet none stand forth as complete, and no model of the Inner World of Man has been meritoriously recognised.

Why is it so?

It is because the mind is blinding the western scientific man to the extent that his frames of reference do not permit reference to any non intellectual element. Without reference to the complete man, mental concepts in isolation, although expressions of a naturally and accurate reflective faculty, appear alone, lifeless and barren, like the moon. The mind will never explain itself, for if could identify its elements, then it would not be complete.

Man is more than his mind, as the Tin Man discovered in the Land of Oz, for he has a heart. (For those unaware of the reference, read heart = "emotional centre"). The heart of the western intellectual has been eclipsed by the shining of his own intellect. The global workspace of BJ Baars needs to enlightened away from its geocentricity in respect of the mind.

In this regard, the ancient sciences of the east have provided a basic model of the inner world of man for at least 3 millennia. The model is simply stated as follows:

The body is a chariot or cart.
It is drawn by horses (the heart and the senses) under rein from a driver (the mind)
and carries an observer - the self - the "owner of the chariot".

As we drive our motor cars down the highway into the Age of Information, the heart is becoming mechanical, hidden, as it were, under a tin bonnet. With the closing of the book for the 2nd millennia AD, it is appropriate to establish a more contemporary model so that the students of life and the children's children may continue to evolve into the "Space Age" as men and women and not as machines caught in a loop of intellectual and geocentric logic.

The Inner World of man consists of three "centres" or faculties - the heart, the mind and the self.
These are related to each other in the same way that the earth and the moon relate to the sun.
One further (truly universal) "entity" - the sunshine - is required to generate "life" within this system of the Classical Three Bodies" (cf.: Poincare et al: Unsolved problems in Mathematics and Celestial Mechanics), as will be outlined in the full article.

The model is not advanced without scientific reference, will not be found wanting in terms of 20th century experimental evidence, and its application will extend into the foundations of every discipline and sub-disciplines of contemporary western and eastern science.

It will enable a bridge to be carefully constructed between the sciences and the arts, and will provide the fundamental informational mappings required to re-classify each of the contemporary intellectual disciplines into a more appropriate frame of reference in order to study the nature of life and the consciousness of man.

End of Abstract .....

I can understand that you may decide to reject this abstract either on the basis of its length (exceeding 500 words) or on the basis of its content (or both).

If rejection is to be based solely on the basis of length, then I give you free reign to cut whatever you consider unnecessary ... down to the 500 words allowed.

If rejection is to be based on the relevance of the content, then that is another matter, which I will acknowledge as the necessary part in organising such a novel conference for the second time .... some works have to be culled. A paper which represents 4 millennia old observation and applies it to the earth, the moon and the sun as a model for the Inner World of Man could easily be set aside.

However, I would caution you to apply four considerations if this were the case:

Firstly, my primary business for the last 10 years has been information processing, and I am a recognised leader my specialised field in the automation of intellectual property management systems.

Secondly, I am a dedicated surfer (i.e.: the oceanic species) and this has enabled me gain certain perspectives on life which my university training in mathematics (Pure, Applied and Stats) and physics have not afforded.

Thirdly, my observations concerning people and their individual psychology, including self observation, have extended over my life (I am 43) and cover 10 years with the Social Services Department wherein I learnt of people's dignity, 17 years of driving a taxi cab wherein I learnt of diversity, and 12 years with the automation and systematics of the "User Interface" where I learnt further of man, machine evolution and the Age of Intellectual Information.

Finally, I have travelled in my life, and have seen first hand the peoples of the world and their environment. I have walked through the mountain lands of many countries including the Himalayas, Europe, and the British Isles. I have even lived alone in a cave for 3 days, just to gain some perspective of our more ancient ancestors. Over all, I was most impressed with the spirit of the mountain folk I met, for theirs is an outlook from the "roof of the world" as it were.

And it is for this reason also that I can appreciate the "WoodStock" spirit engendered by the Tucson conferences, and wish to contribute my small part in it's advancement and cognition.

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Toward a Science
of Consciousness 1996

"Tucson II"

April 8-13, 1996

Sponsored by the University of Arizona

An ABSTRACT submitted thereto by the Author, entitled

The Inner World of Man

A model of the Eco-System of the Soul

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Spring of 1995