Wise Women of the Dreamtime

Aboriginal Tales of Ancestral Powers

Collected by K.L.Parker (1856 - xxxx)

- Johanna Lambert (1993)

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Wise Women of the Dreamtime

Aboriginal Tales of Ancestral Powers

Collected during the life of K.L.Parker (1856 - xxxx)
Edited with commentary by Johanna Lambert (1993)

As the close of the second millenia draws near, and the race of man prepares for an emergence into the Technological Age of Information, it is a wise pass-time to recall and study again the foundational nature upon which the terrestrial environment of the entire planet is based. The understanding and contemplation of the simple things in nature provide an insight into that same nature and essence which abides within each living being on this planet we call our own.

The following article represents a collection of quotations and notes sourced from the above book which was published in Australia in 1993. In the introductory sections of the editorial writings of Johanna Lambert , there is much researched information concerning the account of the Dreamtime and how this is viewed by the Native Australian peoples.


Johanna Lambert (1993)

Every researched indigenous culture makes reference to the primary polarities of the complimentations of opposities that are evident in the natural world, such as night/day, moist/dry, Earth/Sky, Yin/Yang. This philosophical and linguistic structure has been absorbed into our traditional philosophies: Greek mythology, European alchemy and the teachings of Pythagoras. The opposites have also been dominant in Hindi metaphysics as Prakiti/Parusha and in Egyptian cosmology as Isis/Osiris. In all these age old traditions, certain characteristics are allotted to each of the archetypal polarities, which are considered the Universal Masculine and Feminine. This philosophy of universal polarity has more been continued in the works of Emma Jung, Carl Yung, Marion Woodman and Joseph Cambell.

Traditional aboriginal society is founded on the pre-eminence of the characteristics of the Universal Female, epitomised by its unwavering respect for the earth, which aborigines refer to as "the mother". Their social order encourages, from infancy, empathetic concern and compassion toward all creatures in nature, as well as deep loyalties and responsibilities to their kin and the group as a whole. While these feminine characteristics are paramount, they do not translate into power-based hierarchical social structures as have the excessive masculine qualities within our patriarchal society. Within the Universal Feminine qualities such as receptivity, mtability, inter-relatedness, and diffusion, that are predominant in aboriginal society, the creative Universal Masculine characteristics such as limitation, order, structure and definition also find expression.

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The Elders and Male Initiation

Poet and law woman Daisy Utemorra, of the Wandjina people, an elder of the Kimberley tribes of WA, related in a conversation that after men have obtained the highest degrees of male initiation "only then do they become elligible for initiation into women's law". Recognition of the feminine basis of this earliest hunting and gathering societry lends support to the theories of the renowned anthropologist Marija Gimbutas who has explored the transition from prehistoric to historic in terms of an alternation between matriarchal, or feminine pre-eminence, and patriarchy, or masculine domination.

Note (1): Aboriginal antiquity is estimated to be sourced from between 40,000 to 150,000 years .... and therefore this great span would indicate that the Native Australian peoples share the oldest continuous culture on earth.

Note (2): The Dreamtime stories are the Predecessors of myth ... and are not expressed in writing or verbal, but were chanted, enacted, painted, costumed, danced, sung and imagined.


Johanna Lambert ...

The DreamTime, from which all societal laws originated, can be described as a vast epoch that occurred, according to the aboriginal, "before time began."

The exploits and mode of being of the great ancestors resonate, to a lesser degree, with our experience of dreaming. That is, during our dreams, space and time are unbounded. One's dreaming self floats in a world far beyind the rational, where subject and object, meaning and form merge and separate kaleidoscopically. We find ourselves metamorphosing into other beings and them into us. In our dreams the qualities and characteristics of inner consciousness symbolise themselves, as did those of the great Ancestors, in human, animal or plant form.

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Energy and vibration patterns from the exploits of the great Ancestors congealed the initially limitless space into the topology and forms that we now experience as the material aspect of the universe. The land, its form and features, as well as the subtle vibrational energy emanating from an earthly place, is the imprint or record of the Dreamtime Episodes. During the Dreamtime, the Ancestors could transform from humans into animals, until, at the conclusion of this world creating epoch, they retired to their abode beneath the earth and in the sky.

At that time, human and animal became distinct species. However the emotional, psychological, and psychic characteristics of humans remained symbolised in the physical characteristics and behaviour of the animals. Therefore - the aboriginal world-view can be seen as founded upon a distinct twoness, or fundamental duality, as the basis for creation: the Dreamtime epoch that occurred and has concluded, and the earthly creations, or physical reality that emerged after the Dreaming.

To avoid pschological and social repression, the dark, excessive, utterly centric, or expansive and extreme, or destructive characteristics depicted in the stories were outlawed in society, yet were freely expressed in colourful ceremonial enactment and dance. The Dreaming Laws are derived from a sustained balance and harmony between the opposing forces, which are a priori and inherent in the natural world. These forces - such as attraction and repulsion, interdependence and autonomy, contraction and expansion - are found within the dynamics of the human psyche and human relationships.

Aboriginal culture is socio-centric, nested in the delicately balanced ecology of the physical world. Each individual is foremost an intrinsic part of a group.

"my bother"
===(translates to)====> "brother me" ...

Note (3): Every force, form and substance, every creature and thing is considered to have its own intelligence, its own spirit and language. Whether animate or inanimate, perceivable or impreceivable, everything in creation possesses, as do we humans, an interior invisible consciousness as well as an outer form - fundamental to experience and evident throughout all legends.

Note (4): The human organism possesses centers of perception through which we can become aware of an intelligence and consciousness within all forms of existence.... The aboriginals listened through all their senses to the various languages that permeated the natural world - trees, celestial bodies, rocks, winds, fire, shadows and seeds.In closely observing, imitating or questioning a tangible phenomenon, one is able to listen to a message from the nature of reality as a whole.

Final Editorial Comment

The main substance of this book Wise Women of the Dreamtime - Aboriginal Tales of Ancestral Powers is a collection of Dreamtime stories from some of the Australian Native peoples which were collected by K.L.Parker during the later part of the 1800's after having been saved from drowning by a native Australian. These stories were re-compiled, edited & provided commentary by Johanna Lambert in about 1993.

Clearly, the commentary asks us to re-examine the nature of the foundations of both our individual and sociological awareness, for the teaching of ecological nature concerns more than what can be constrained into the purely intellectual expression that has become to be accepted as the universal faculty. Universality of understanding must expand into the exercise of the faculty of the heart of man, and not just his mind in isolation.

The knowledge, understanding and wisdom concerning the nature of the human heart has ever been seeking its expression in the lives of both women and men since before time began. In coming to ultimate terms with the nature of life one must consider the nature of the masculine and feminine spirit, and in researching the recorded words of both the ancients and the contemporary "elders of wisdom" - native peoples of the global earth - the commentrary provided above is certainly not out of place.

For example, one need only review the first of the 81 articles which comprise the writings attributed to Lao Tzu (500 bc) to see the similarity of this mystical - but entirely natural and ecological - way of life ...

I do not presently have either an E-Mail address or any further web references in respect of the writings of Johanna Lambert, but if - in time - these become known to anyone reading this work, I would ask that you send me this further information. The book itself should be able to be obtained from major Australian literary distributors, and is recommended for its exposition and documentation concerning some of the earlier gathered stories of the DreamTime, and the nature of the enlightened commentary from Johanna Lambert.

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Wise Women of the Dreamtime

Aboriginal Tales of Ancestral Powers

Collected by K.L.Parker (1856 - xxxx)

- Johanna Lambert (1993)

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Summer of 1996