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Resource Links

  • Abstracts of Papers - International Conference on Revisiting Indus-Sarasvati Age & Ancient India - October 1996.
  • WAVES - World Association for Vedic Studies arising from the former conference (& further conference info)
  • Indus Seals - Dr. S. Kalyanaraman and the Code Of Sarasvati Hieroglyphs.
  • Sarasvati@Hindunet - Substantial interdisciplinary informational directory for ancient India.
  • The Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India - article written by David Frawley
  • Koenraad Elst - Well researched and updated articles concerning the history of India (HomePage moved)
  • Antiquity and Continuity of Indian History - A multi-part article authored by Prasad Gokhale in January 1996.
  • Ancient India in a New Light - Review of 4 topical books by C. J. S. Wallia:
  • The Aryans and Ancient Indian History - Where was the homeland of the Aryans? (Subhash Kak)
  • Light or Coincidence - Does evidence exist that the speed of light was known to the ancient world? (Subhash Kak)
  • Is the Aryan/Dravidian Binary Valid? - Extended continuity of Indian indigenous civilisation. (Subhash Kak)
  • Indic Ideas in the Graeco-Roman World - Tracking classical ideas to Vedic roots. (Subhash Kak)
  • Computing Science in Ancient India - "science began in ancient India" (Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ph.D.)
  • Kalidas Vedic India - India and Indology resources, Book Reviews and the Vedic Bookshelf of Dr. N.S. Rajaram.
  • Hindu Dharma and India - Comprehensive resources gathered by the American Institute of Vedic Studies.
  • Ancient Indian Mathematics - Scholarly work "Redressing the balance" - by Ian G Pearce
  • Indian Mathematics Articles - School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, Scotland
  • Indian Physics - Outline of Early History - Subhash Kak (Los Alomos 30-SEP-2003)

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