An Alternate Theory of
the History of Christianity

Article 3: Traditional theory of the history of christianity

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Introduction via schematic


Detailed Eusebian (Mainstream) Chronology ...

Authors of Antiquity - According to Mainstream (Eusebian) Chronology
YEARAuthor's NameCatComments & Notes ...
-582PythagorasPGreek philosopher and mathematician
-470SocratesWGreek philosopher
-427PlatoWGreek philosopher and writer (Student of Socrates)
-384AristotleWGreek philosopher and writer (student of Plato)
-190Eupolemus HJewish historian whose work survives only in five
-116Marcus Terentius Varro WRoman scholar and writer
-106Marcus Tullius Cicero WRoman orator, statesman, political theorist, and p
-100Lucius Cornelius Alexander PolyhistWGreek scholar of Rome (fl. 70 BCE)
-98Nigidius FigulusWLearned man of Rome, neo-pythagorean
-86SallustH(Gaius Sallustius Crispus) - Roman historian
-76Gaius Asinius Pollio HRoman orator, poet and historian whose contemporar
-65Nicolaus of Damascus H Greek historical and philosophical writer who liv
-64StraboWGreek historian, geographer and philosopher, mostl
-60Dionysius of Halicarnassus HGreek historian and teacher of rhetoric, who flour
-59Livy (Titus Livius)Hwrote a monumental history of Rome, Ab Urbe Condit
-54Seneca (the Elder)WRoman rhetorician and writer
-52King Juba II (of Lybia)WAuthor (in Greek) on history, natural history, geo
-43Ovid (Publius Ovidius Naso)WRoman poet
-36Thrasyllus of MendesWEgyptian author, astrologer, astronomer and mathem
-25Aulus Cremutius Cordus HRoman history; very few remaining fragments of his
-19Marcus Velleius PaterculusHaka Gaius Velleius Paterculus, whose name occurs i
-15Philo-JudaeusPAlexandrean Greek speaking Jewish writer-philosoph
-10Pontius PilateWRoman governer (Letter of Pilate fraudulent)
-10Claudius (Tiberius Claudius Caesar REEmperor (41-54); Claudius wrote copiously througho
-9Asconius Pedianus HRoman grammarian and historian; compiled for his s
-4Seneca (the Younger)WRoman philosopher, statesman, dramatist (Fraudulen
-4Apollonius of TyanaPNeo-Pythagorean, aka Balinas, aka Balinus
0Barnabas CBepistle
0Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter & CBThe Apostles - purported authors of respective gos
0Jesus of NazarethCLetter (and response) written to Abgarus
0JudeCBaka Jude Thaddaeus and Jude Lebbeus (or Judas Thad
0Simon MagusCMagician, heretic, AKA Simon the Sorcerer, Simon o
0Moderatus of Gades (Cadiz, Spain)PGreek neopythagorean philosopher and writer (first
0DamisWPurported biographer of Apollonius of Tyana (via P
10Quintus Curtius Rufus HRoman historian who wrote from about 60 through to
18Clement of Rome CBfourth Pope??, Epistles
20MucianusHGaius Licinius Mucianus (fl. 1st century AD) was a
20Memnon of HeracleaHlived possibly 1st century CE) was a Greek histori
23Pliny the ElderWRoman philosopher and writer
25Silius ItalicusWTitus Catius Silius Italicus - a Latin epic poet,
30Musonius Rufus PRoman philosopher, correspondence with Apollonius
30Marcus Cocceius NervaREEmperor 90-98 (1st "Good")
37Flavius Josephus HAntiquity of the Jews - interpolated by Eusebius;
40Ignatius of Antioch CBaka Theophorus;the third Bishop or Patriarch of An
46Plutarch, MestriusHGreek historian, biographer, writer, magistrate (r
50Aelianus TacticusWGreek military writer, living in Rome; military tr
53Cornelius TacitusHRoman historian; the Annals and the Histories; per
53Trajan (Marcus Ulpius Nerva TraianuREEmperor 98-117 (2nd "Good")
56Tacitus HAnnals 15.44 (Consequently, to get rid of the repo
60Nicomachus of Gerasa (Jerash, JordaPNeopythagorean and mathematician, flourished c.110
60FlorusHRoman historian, lived in the time of Trajan and H
63Pliny the YoungerWRoman philosopher and writer (Letters 10.96-97 Pli
70SeutoniusHRoman historian; The 12 Caesars; written 121 under
70QuadratusCFirst Apologist (disciple of apostles via Eusebius
70Aristides the PhilosopherCApologist; in 1889 Rendell Harris found a complete
73Mara Bar Serapion Ppresumed to be christian, Greek Rhetorical Exercis
76Hadrian (Publius Aelius Traianus)REEmperor 117-138 (3rd "Good")
80Longinus (not known, 1st-3rd CE?)WGreek teacher of rhetoric - author of "On the Subl
86Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius ArriREEmperor 138-161 (4th "Good")
90ThallusHChronologer (since Fall of Troy) - referenced
90Aquila of Sinope (of Pontus)CKinsman of Hadrian, OT translation to Greek
92Arrian of NicomediaHGreek historian and philosopher; (Lucius Flavius A
95Appian of AlexandriaHRoman History in twenty-four books, written in Gre
99PhlegonHGreek writer, historian of Olympiads
100Shepherd of Hermas PMuratorian Canon; NC? presumed christian
100Lucius AmpeliusHLatin author, details unknown; Liber Memorialis is
100Aristocles of Messene WPhilosopher/Skeptic
110Polycarp CBIrenaeus mentions Polycarp in Adv. Haer., III.3.4.
110Papias CAAccording to Irenaeus, our earliest witness, Papia
110Marcion of SinopeCMarcionism founder
120HermasP"The Shepherd" - dated via Muratorian fragment to
120Apology of Aristides CAApology to Hadrian quoted by Eusebius Hist. Eccl.
120Apology of Quadratus of Athens CAApology to Hadrian, quoted by Eusebius Hist. Eccl
120AlciphronWWriter, Greek rhetorician, collection of "Fictitio
120Apollinaris ClaudiusCApologist aka "of Hierapolis" - fragments (1st 'ca
120Basilides CACited by Irenaeus Against Heresies, Clement of Ale
120Alexander of AphrodisiasWPupil of Aristocles; Commentaries (extant) on work
120Valentinus CAGRS Mead - "the great unknown" of Gnosticism
120Granius LicinianusHRoman annalist, believed to have lived in the age
121Marcus Aurelius (Antoninus)REEmperor 160-180, (5th "Good"), Decree? (Forged?)
125Aulus GelliusWLatin author, grammarian ("Attic Nights")
130Aristo of Pella CACited by Celsus and Origen (The Disputation of Jas
130DiognetusCUnknown Recipient of "Epistle of Mathetes to Diogn
130Epiphanes On Righteousness CACited by Clement of Alexandria, Stromaties, III 6,
130Marcion CASources Iranaeus, Tertullian, Hippolytus, Celsus
130MathetesCEarliest apologetic (defence)
130Ophite Diagrams CACelsus and Origen describe a diagram in use by a s
130Polycrates of EphesusCBBishop, Letter to Victor (via Eusebius)
130Pinytus of CreteCBBishop of Gnosos, Letters to Dionysius (via E)
135TatianCApologist, wrote the Diatesseron, pupil of Justin
136Saint ApolloniusCBeheaded by Commodus (after Marcus Aurelius)
140Ptolemy CAGnostic author - (1) a fragment of an exegetical w
140Numenius of ApameaPNeopythagorean philosopher, writer
140Minucius FelixCAWrote (Octavius), Latin
140Fronto CAMentioned in Octavius of Minucius Felix
140Isidore CACited by Clement of Alexandria (Stromat. 2,113; 6,
140Agrippa CastorCWrote against Basilides Gnosticism (via Eusebius)
150Alexander (of Cappadocia,Jerusalem)CBLetters (116 year old bishop Jerusalem Narcissus)
150Excerpts of Theodotus CAValentinian gnostic
150Heracleon CAGnostic; Clement of Alexandria (Strom. iv. 9, p. 5
150Martyrdom of Polycarp CAquoted in Ecclesiastical History IV.15
150Justin Martyr CAApology to Emperor Antoninus (138-161), wrote Firs
155Ammonius SaccasPNeoplatonist philosopher: Plotinus, Longinus,Orige
160Apelles CAOld Marcionist via Eusebius, H. E. 5.13.5-7
160Athenaeus of NaucratisWGreek author (fl.200) writer of "The Deipnosophist
160Claudius Apollinaris CBaka Bishop of Hierapolis
160Julian the TheurgistWWriter of "The Chaldean Oracles" - fragmentary tex
160Julius Cassianus CACited Clement of Alexandria Stromata 3.13-14
160Octavius of Minucius Felix CAThe Octavius by Minucius Felix is an apology for t
160Marius MaximusWRoman biographer, writing in Latin, who in the ear
165Lucian of Samosata CAGreek rhetorician satirist writer (references "chr
165Melito of Sardis CACited by Eusebius, Jerome
165Hegesippus CAchronicler, counterer of heresies
165Dionysius of Corinth CA
165Dio CassiusHRoman public servant; published a Roman History, i
170Letter of Peter to Philip CA
170Julius AfricanusCFather of Christian Chronology
170Herodian of SyriaHRoman History (extant) in eight books for the year
175Rhodon CASeveral Books; wrote against Marcion (via E)
175Theophilus of Caesarea CA
175Galen P4 references to Christianity .. De pulsuum differ
175Flavius PhilostratusWSophist (The Life of Apollonius of Tyana)
175Irenaeus of Lyons CA
175Claudius Aelianus WRoman author and greek-speaking teacher of rhetori
175Athenagoras of Athens CAquoted by Methodius
178Celsus PWrote (The True Word) Against the christians, Plat
180Bardesanes CAEus H. E. 4.30
180Hippolytus of Rome CAfragments
180Theophilus of Antioch CBBishop, Eus. H. E. iv. 20; Hieron. Ep. ad Algas. q
182Clement of Alexandria CA
185Maximus of Jerusalem CA
185OrigenC6000 scrolls; Hexapla (OT: tabulated translations)
188Talmud P
189Victor I CA"Victor wrote several letters which dealt with the
190Pantaenus CAEusebius in Hist. Eccl., VI.14.2
190Diogenes LaertiusWBiographer of the Greek philosophers; of his life
193Anonymous Anti-Montanist CAA work refuting the Montanists is quoted by Eusebi
193Abercius PPresumed christian - 1. The citizens of an eminent
200Serapion of Antioch CBBishop of Antioch
200Philostratus P
200Valerian (Publius Licinius ValerianREEmperor 253-260
200Asinius Quadratus HRoman historian 3rd century , wrote in greek; frag
200Apollonius CAAnti-Montanist - Eusebius (Hist. Eccl., V, 18),
200Dionysius (of Alexandria) the GreatCBThe Great (Eusebius) from 248 to 264
200Caius CAEus
200Cornelius (of Rome)CBPope 251-253; author of Letters to (1. Fabius of A
200Cyprian of Carthage CBAuthor of a number of epistles and treatises
201Decius Trajan REEmperor 249-251, Purported persecutions; libelli,
201NovatianCNovatist schismatic, Roman anti-pope
205PlotinusPNeoplatonist - father of (via Porphyry)
208Alexander Severus REEmperor 222-235
210Dionysius of Rome CBPope 259-268
210HermiasCObscure apologist "Derision of Gentle Philosophers
210Mani the ProphetPFounder of Manichaeism (Persion Gnostic) Codex Ma
212Gregory Thaumaturgus CBRead Origen
213Cassius Dionysius LonginusPGreek rhetorician philosopher, rival of Plotinus
218Publius Licinius Egnatius GallienusRE(co) Emperor 253-268; Decree ?(via E)
220Junianus JustinusHJustin or Marcus Junianus Justinus or Justinus Fro
220Malchion (of Antioch)CWritings (against Paul of Samosata) via Eusebius;
222Anatolius of Laodicea in SyriaCBEusebius (Hist. eccl., VII. xxxli. 14-20)
234PorphyryPViolently Anti-christian Neoplatonist philosopher
236Diocletian REEmperor 284-305, Abdicated to become a farmer
240LactantiusCLucius Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius
240Victorinus (bishop) of PetauCBBishop Martry - Latin C writer
245Iamblichus of ChalcisPNeoplatonist
245ArnobiusCwrote (about 305) an apologetic work in seven book
250GaleriusREEmperor 305-311; Galerius Maximianus; Edict via Eu
250MethodiusCvia Jerome (non Eusebius)
250Phileas (Bishop) of ThmuisCBActs, writings via Eusebius (Hist. eccl., VIII, x)
260Alexander of Alexandria CBHe is prominent because his appointment to the pat
265Eusebius Pamphili of Caesarea CBHistorian
270CommodianusCdate of whose birth is uncertain, but generally pl
270Miltiades (Pope 311-314)CUnknown background - 313: condemned Donatus Magnus
270HieroclesWGovernor of Bythnia (302) - "A Friend of the Truth
270SabinusCEusebius reports authot of letter to Governors (vi
272Constantine I REEmperor 306-337, Gaius Flavius Valerius Aurelius C
280Alexander of LycopolisCwriter of a short treatise, in twenty-six chapters
280Aphrahat/Aphraates Cthe Persian sage
296Athanasius CBFather of Orthodoxy
300Hilary of Poitiers CBBishop
300SallustiusWA 4th-century writer and friend of the Emperor Jul
306Ephraim the SyrianCB
311Donatus MagnusCBBishop Carthage - Donatist Schism (Heretic)
315Cyril of Jerusalem CB
317Constantius II REEmperor 337-361, Flavius Julius Constantius (2nd s
320Gregory of Nyssa CBCappadocian Fathers
320EutropiusHRoman historian who flourished in the latter half
323Eunomius of CyzicusCAnomoean Arian: writings edicted for destruction
325Ammianus Marcellinus HHistorian, greek, army career (Res Gestae)
325Gregory Nazianzen CB
329Basil the Great CB
330Apollinaris (the Younger) CBBishop of Laodicea
331Julian REEmperor 360-363, Flavius Claudius Julianus (relate
340Jerome CB
340Ambrose CB
340RufinusCHistorian, (of Aquiliea)
346Theodosius I REEmperor 379-395, Flavius Theodosius (b.Cauca in Sp
346Maximin of TrierCB the fifth bishop of Trier
347John Chrysostom CB
347EunapiusHGreek sophist,historian (CE 270-404, incorporated
350Plutarch (the Younger)PNeoplatonic philosopher (Athens school: Proclus, S
350Pamphilus COrigen expert, Hexapla
350Peter of Alexandria CBBishop of Alexandria
354Augustine of Hippo CB
360John Cassian C
363Sulpitius Severus Cecclesiastical writer
368PhilostorgiusCHistorian (Fragment via Photius)
370Hypatia of AlexandriaPNeoplatonic philosopher, mathematician, teacher
373Synesius (made Bishop of Ptolemais)PStatesman,Neoplatonist (disciple Hypatia) then mad
379Socrates Scholasticus CGreek ecclesiastical historian; continuator of Eus
380Philip of SideCEcclesiastical Historian (against Julian) aka Phil
390Vincent of Lérins Cecclesiastical writer
393TheodoretCBHistorian, Bishop of Cyprus
395Leo the Great, Pope CB
400Sozomen CEcclesiastical historian; aka Sozomen, Salamanes o
400Moses of Chorene HArmenian historian
400HydatiusCBWrote a Chronical; bishop of Aquae Flaviae; contin
412Proclus, LycaeusPGreek neoplatonist philosopher (admired by Ralph W
420Joannes StobaeusHCompiler: greek (nonchristian) authors (poets,hist
440Gennadius of MarseillesC
450ZosimusHHistorian (Pagan) - Historia Nova, "New History",
452Mar Jacob P
480DamasciusPNeoplatonist: Alexandria - pupil Theon; Athens - h
490SimpliciusPNeoplatonist: Alexandria - pupil Ammonius Hermiae
530VenantiusCLatin Poet
540Gregory the Great, Pope CBPope
570Muhammad the ProphetWFounder of Islam
670Khalid (son of Umayyad Caliph YazidW
676John of Damascus CB
722Jabir ibn HayyanWAlchemist, quoting Balinus
820PhotiusCBPatriarch Constantinople
1908Arnaldo Dante Momigliano HItalian historian known for his work in historiography

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