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1 Australian Intellectual Property Law Resources*
2 Intellectual Property Management Software Developers*
3 International Intellectual Property OFFICES*
4 Established Indexed IP Information on the WWW*
5 United States Intellectual Property Law Resources*
6 Canadian Intellectual Property Law Resources*
7 European Intellectual Property Law Resources*
8 New Zealand Intellectual Property Law Resources*
9 Japanese Intellectual Property Law Resources*
10 Philippine Intellectual Property Law Resources*
11 General Internet Search Engines*
12 Specialised Intellectual Property Searching Services*
13 Commonly referenced USENET NewsGroups*

Australian Law and Intellectual Property Resources

  • AUSTLII AUSTRALASIAN LEGAL INFORMATION INSTITUTE - Resources include the majority of Australian Commonwealth Legislation (Acts & Regulations), Full text (searchable) of High Court Cases from 1950, and NSW Law Reform Reports. The AUSTLII project is operated jointly by the University of Technology, Sydney Faculty of Law and the University of New South Wales Faculty of Law. All the following Intellectual Property Law references are courtesy of, and link to the vast and intelligently designed AUSTLII Web Site:

    Intellectual Property Journals & Articles ...

  • FICPI WebSite Federation Internationale des Conseils en Propriete Industrielle: many resourceful articles
  • E LAW UTS mirror for Electronic Journal of Law, originating at Murdoch University, Perth, WA - Source Articles {Gopher}
  • UNI.TAS JOURNAL Intellectual Property Journal & Info Resources - University of Tasmania & Peter Coroneos
  • INVENTIONS, PATENTS, BRANDS & DESIGNS by Fraser Old BSc BE(Hons) FIPAA - A Book Review
  • AUSTRIA The Australian Industrial Property Organsiation

    Specialised IP Attorney Firms ...

  • SPRUSON & FERGUSON Intellectual Property Attorney firm, based in Sydney, NSW - established 1887
  • THOMSON PIZZEY Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
  • MADDERNS Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Adelaide, South Australia
  • FISHER, ADAMS, KELLY Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Brisbane, Queensland
  • PHILLIPS ORMONDE & FITZPATRICK Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Melbourne, Victoria
  • LORD & Company Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Perth, Western Australia
  • WRAY & Associates Intellectual Property Attorney firm based in Perth & Bunbury, Western Australia

    Other General IP Related Attorney Firms ...

  • AUSTRALIAN LEGAL INFORMATION INDEX Comprehensive Australian Legal Reference maintained by Daniel Austin @ANU
  • BUTTERWORTHS World renown legal Publisher, extensive Australian Law Resource Links and IP Catalogue
  • GILBERT & TOBIN A leading Australian Legal services firm providing information updates in many areas.
  • DELTA GROUP Intellectual Property and General Investigatory Services firm based in Brisbane, QLD


    Intellectual Property Management Software Application Developers

  • MAXIM TECHNOLOGY The developers of "PASS" {Patent Attorney Software System} and "InProma" {Intellectual Property Management Application}, Maxim Technology is based in Sydney, Australia. With over ten years of experience in the design and maintenance of intellectual property management systems, Maxim Technology are currently moving their extensive multi-platform and international client base over to their SQL Client-Server environment using the Centura line of SQL Windows Program development tools.


    Intellectual Property OFFICES on the WorldWideWeb

  • AUSTRALIA The Australian Industrial Property Organsiation
  • AUSTRIA The Austrian Patent Office
  • BRAZIL The Brazilian Patent Office
  • CANADA The Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • CROATIA The Croatian Patent Office
  • DENMARK The Danish Patent Office
  • EPO The European Patent Office, containing their General WWW Patent Info..
  • FINLAND The Finland National Board of Patents and Registration
  • HONG KONG Intellectual Property Department, Hong Kong Government
  • HUNGARY The Hungarian Patent Office
  • JAPAN The Japanese Patent Office
  • NEW ZEALAND The New Zealand Patent Office
  • SPAIN The Spanish Patent Office
  • SWEDEN The Swedish Patent & Registration Office
  • UNITED KINGDOM The United Kingdom Patent Office
  • UNITED STATES United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization


    Established WWW Indexed Information to Global Intellectual Property Resources

  • WWWVL - LAW The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law
  • YAHOO - PATENTSYahoo Index - Business and Economy:Companies:Law:Intellectual Property:Patents
  • YAHOO - TMKS Yahoo Index - Business and Economy:Companies:Law:Intellectual Property:Trademarks
  • YAHOO - ATTORNEY FIRMS Yahoo Index - Business and Economy:Companies:Law:Intellectual Property:Firms
  • GALAXY INDEX The TradeWave Index for Law specific to Intellectual Property Resources


    United States - Intellectual Property Resources

  • UNITED STATES PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE Huge resources for US Patent, TMK Info & US Fees.

  • CORNELL The Legal Information Institute, at Cornell University Law School, Ithaca, New York, & its vast US law resources:
  • INTA International Trademark Association's INTA ONLINE Home Page
  • IP MALL Comprehensive IP Resource Information Mall of the Franklin Pierce Law Center and others
  • US ABSTRACTS STO Internet Patent Searching System enabling the return of an ABSTRACT by provision of the Patent Number
  • IPNA InterNet Patent News Service by Gregory Aharonian, Belmont, MA with an article ArchiveSite
  • AIPLA The American Intellectual Property Law Association, Arlington, Virginia
  • RICHMOND JOURNAL The Richmond Journal of Law & Technology, University of Richmond School of Law, Virginia
  • IP MAGAZINE Quarterly Electronic Magazine, produced in association the "The Recorder" (San Francisco, Legal)
  • LAW OFFICE TECHNOLOGY A WebPage sponsored by the technology consultants Dana Shultz & Associates - Current articles
  • LADAS & PARRY HomePage with Recent IP Developments, NewsLetter & Other IP Resources including NAFTA & GATT
  • OPPEDAHL & LARSON Extensive WebSite with a great wealth of information concerning many areas of Patent Practice
  • KUESTERLAW Jeff Kuester's comprehensive WWW Resource Document for Intellectual Property
  • US HOUSE of REPS Internet Law Library - Computers and the Law ... an extensive resource for current IP Issues
  • GENERAL IP INFO Info for Inventors, Artists, Business, Law Students and Practitioners - Tom Field @ Franklin Pierce Law
  • SBH PATENT MARKETING A US Patent Marketing Group - St.Louis, MO
  • IP CENTER E-Zine up-to-date news, commentary, recent legal decisions and articles
  • PATENT & TRADEMARK LAW CENTER Informational site for inventors and entrepreneurs concerning intellectual property
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OWNERS News and info (weekly service) about the latest US IP legislation
  • InterNIC DOMAIN NAME DISPUTE POLICY Revision 2 - effective 9 Sep 96
  • INTERNET LIBRARY extensive summaries of court decisions shaping the law of the web


    Canadian - Intellectual Property Resources

  • CIPO The Canadian Intellectual Property Office
  • Canadian Patent Search A testing site (Nov'96) for Canadian Patent info 1989+
  • BERESKIN & PARR Specialist IP Attorney Firm in Toronto with extensive CA specific info
  • ACCOUNTANT's MANUAL A CICA publication with IP & other legislative WWW resources.


    European - Intellectual Property Resources

  • Moscow PatentBureau First independent patent agency of Russia, excellent web resource, esp TMKS.
  • OCTROOIBUREAU VRIESENDORP & GAADE Patent Attorney Firm - based in the Netherlands - European Patent & TMK Info
  • WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
  • EPO The European Patent Office, containing their General WWW Patent Info..


    New Zealand - Intellectual Property Resources

  • NZ Patent Office The New Zealand Patent Office
  • JAMES W PIPER & CO. Attornet firm in Auckland - extensive information resources


    Japanese - Intellectual Property Resources

  • JAPAN The Japanese Patent Office
  • ONDA TECHNO Specialist IP Attorney Firm, the largest outside the Tokyo & Osaka regions


    Philippines - Intellectual Property Resources

  • PHILIPPINE IP BRIEF Comprehensive legal information resource - Chan Robles & Associates


    General Internet Search Engines ...

  • INFO-SEEK Internet Search Engine from the NetScape Company, (MaxList=10, extendable 10 times)
  • LYCOS Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University - Items returned are "Rated", (MaxList=10, Extendable)
  • WEBCRAWLER Fast Engine with adjustable FrontEnd, (MaxList=10 to 500)
  • ALTA VISTA Possibly the largest - Web & NewsGroups (with Australian Mirror)
  • WEB WOMBAT 100% Australian Web Pages Search Engine - Specialist.
  • YAHOO! The (Intelligent FrontEnd) Yahoo WebData Search (MaxList=Indefinite)
  • OPEN TEXT INDEX Very useful for searching the web for occurrences of a specific phrase
  • WWW WORM Oliver McBryan's Search Engine, with selectable parameters and other links (MaxList=1-5000)
  • SAVVY SEARCH Parallel Search using multiple search engines, with "source" front-end
  • TRADEWAVE GALAXY Searches the TradeWave Galaxy Index and other indexes, with optional criteria (MaxList=50-500)
  • HARVEST BROKER Forms based search engine with adjustable FrontEnd, (MaxList=10 to 100)
  • THE W3 CATALOGUE A collaborative project, Forms based search engine with option for regular Pearl Expressions
  • DEJANEWS The DejaNews Research Service query form developed for UseNet related searching
  • THE SEARCH WIZARD Multiple word search returning an unclassified list. Includes access to a CompuServe Search.
  • OTHER WWW SEARCH ENGINES Comprehensive index of a wide variety of the most useful W3 Search Engines available
  • REFERENCE.COM Usenet power searching - by keyword, author, organization, date, forum, etc
  • DOMAIN NAME REGISTRIES A useful compendium of international (searchable) Domain Name Registries

    General Internet & WWW Searching Services ...

  • NetResearch Mountain Man Graphics, Australia - specialised InterNet Information Tracking, Searching & Reporting Services


    Specialised Intellectual Property (Cost Incurring) Searching Services

  • QUESTEL/ORBIT OnLine Information System giant specialising in patent, trademark, business and scientific information
  • KNIGHT-RIDDER/@DIALOG HomePage for the Dialog extensive database searching, FAQ's, publications and other info
  • DERWENT Scientific & Patent Information Searching Services with WWW Resource Listings
  • DATASTAR Knight-Ridder Collection of international databases, including of business information
  • STO STO's Internet Patent Search System
  • MICROPATENT MicroPatent Patent & Trade Mark Retrieval
  • SPO US Shadow Patent Office, full-text data for US Patents available
  • US ARCHIVES U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Archives
  • TRADEWAVE TradeWave Galaxy (EINet) Search Form, variable input, (MaxList=5 to 500)
  • BRITANICA The "Encyclopaedia Britanica" is now available OnLine (for a co$t)
  • GLOBAL TRADEMARK NETWORK International trademark search services via ordering.


    UseNet (NEWS) NewsGroups ...

  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY General information/discussion relating to International Intellectual Property issues
  • LEGAL COMPUTING Often a source of interesting information related to IP matters
  • AUS:LEGAL The Australian specific newsgroup related to general law matters
  • BIO-SCIENCES An extensive array of NewsGroups (approx 70) in the Biological Science fields
  • GENERAL CHEMISTRY NewsGroup for the General Chemistry field
  • POLYMER CHEMISTRY NewsGroup specific to the Polymer Chemistry field
  • ENG-MANUFACTURING Manufacturing Engineering NewsGroup
  • CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Engineering NewsGroup
  • MEDICAL SCIENCE General Medical Science NewsGroup
  • PHYSICS Science Physics NewsGroup ... much bandwidth.

    This WWW Intellectual Property Resource Page has featured in ...
    FICPI No.32 (Jan'96), FICPI No.33 (Jun'96) and Patent World (Jun-Jul'96)
    Note that the FICPI Journal is now OnLine.


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