A Brief Sketch of the Life of

The Prophet Muhammad


Muhammad Ali

Muslim Town, Lahore, India (1946)

Quotes & Further Islamic Resources

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Quotes from the Qur'an ...

The following quotes, mainly from the Qur'an - where the standard references are provided - are taken from the further chapters of the publication The Prophet Muhammad [Living Thoughts Library, 1948], by Muhammad Ali of Muslim Town, Lahore, India. These are presented for the contemplative reference of the student of life, for whom this entire publication is dedicated. The brief commentary at the commencement of each of these subsequent chapters, is quoted from the author, to whom the credit for this publication should be directed.

In examination and reflection upon the following it is observed that the wisdom of Islam and the wisdom of Christianity and the wisdom of Hindi and the wisdom of Buddhism and the wisdom of the lore of the elders of the native and indigenous peoples and cultures from all the terrestrial lands beneath the sun ... are the different aspects of the One Wisdom.


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BlueDot Chapter 1: A Brief Sketch of the Prophet's Life

BlueDot Chapter 2: Faith in God

BlueDot Chapter 3: The Oneness of Humanity:

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An Introduction to Islam ...

BlueDotIslamic Information for Teachers - Council on Islamic Education, based in Fountain Valley, CA

The following is an extract of an article at the above site which has been prepared for the use of teachers concerning an outline of the important religious celebrations and holidays of Islam, so that they might be aware of these when teaching. It provides a reasonably concise introduction to the life of the Prophet Muhammad:

Further Islamic Resources ...

  • The Quran - The English Meanings of The Holy Quran, translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
  • Features of Islam - Thoroughly researched article by HAZRAT MIRZA TAHIR AHMAD, Canbera, Oz
  • Sayings of The Prophet - timeless wisdom for lasting community ... exhaustive and indexed
  • Muslim Student Association - The University of Minnesota
  • OnLine Islamic Bookstore - Books, Audio Visuals, Software, and CD's on Islam & the Muslim World
  • WWWVL - Religion - Islam - WWW Virtual Library Resources on Islam
  • The Islamic (Hijri) Calendar - A Brief introduction thereto.
  • FAQ - Islam - Frequently Asked Questions about Islam
  • Prophethood in Islam - from The Institute of Islamic Information and Education
  • Sacred Texts - Scriptures, Prophetic Traditions, and related texts to Islam
  • Sufi Related Sites - An index of Surfi related sites on the internet from Steve Habib Rose
  • Intro to Islam - A good overview resource for information about Islam
  • Muhammad in the Bible? - "What the BIBLE says about MUHAMMED"
  • An-Nawawi's Forty Hadiths - Gathered (631-676) sayings of the Prophet
  • A View of Islam - A Brief Guide offered by Asim Mughal
  • The Islamic Calendar - History and motivation of the Islamic Calendar
  • Crescent Moon Sighting - Global Moonsighting Information Updated Every Month

    The Sufi ...

    Sometime in the never_never enough time of the future, a separate article will be published regarding the mysticism of the sufi. Content for the present moment, simply to gather a few quotations from such acknowledged Sufi's, and from the Prophet Muhammad, and present these as an extention to the Islamic Resources complied above. The claim of the Surfis to have inherited their doctrine from the Prophet deserves respect.

    Al Hallaj (AD 858- 922) says about God:

    Obtained from: Arberry, A.J., The Doctrine of the Sufis,
    Publisher: Lahore, Sh Muhammad Ashraf


    Love is the Water of Life

    Everything other than love for the most beautiful God is agony of the spirit, though it be sugar- eating.
    What is agony of the spirit?
    To advance toward death without seizing hold of the Water of Life.

    Mesnevi I 3686-87

    Poems of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

    Sayings attributed to Muhammad:

  • Be in the world like a traveler, or like a passer on, and reckon yourself as of the dead.

  • The grave is the first stage of the journey into eternity.

  • Die before ye die.

  • None of you shall see his Lord before dying.

  • Sell this present world of yours for the next world
    and you will gain both in entirety.
    But do not sell the next world for this world,
    for so shall you lose the two together.
    Act towards this world as if it were not.
    And towards the world to come as if it would never cease to be.

    Hasan al-Basri (d.728, born in Medina, died in Basra. Eminent Sufi)

    A Brief Sketch of the Prophet's Life (571-634)

    The Prophet Muhammad


    Muhammad Ali
    Lahore, India (1946)

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    Further Islamic Resources
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