The Nature of the Outer World

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Autumn of 1996

The Nature of the Outer World

I am a simple old surfie from down under who has a belief in the simplicity of nature such that, if it is understood in a correct manner, may provide explanation of many aspects of the outer world and inner world.

The term correct manner may have sent a few alarm bells ringing with some of you ... (it should) ... as there are published in the world many correct things which are neither correct or even insightful.

I use the word correct to mean that which is approved of out of respect. And by this I mean that respect which is demonstrated by the records of all ancient peoples of certain of their greater elders, or of such ancestors, of the great souls who have come and gone on this planet since the trees began to be used in the recordal of conscious observations.

I here speak of the essentials of life ... not of the niceties, or of any man-made things, but of nature. For the key to the understanding of the Outer World is nature - that which has existed since before time, and that which will continue to exist when time is no longer.

Nature (to my way of thinking) is two-fold ........

It exists within us, and it exists in the outer world.
I believe - in the end - that the two worlds are one, but this must wait until the story is told.

We will speak of the OUTER WORLD in this thread, and in the next, the INNER WORLD, and in the third, the nature of the BRIDGE between the two.

I do not want to make myself out to be infallible. I do not wear the feathers of a chief. But I have an important message, and I leave it to you (ALL) to consider: And to question yourselves, to see whether in fact what I say is simply the way that nature works.

Before we begin, because we are in fact observers of nature we must all at least try and classify what it is within one which assists in the observation process. And to this end, it is generally accepted in the schools of the learned that there exists the intellect. Moreover, the intellect has a common name - and this is the mind.

However, my intellect clearly tells me that there is another center of conscious balance which exists in the observation process, and that is the center of emotions, intuitions and other "feelings". Some smart cookies call the feelings "qualia however, Classical literature, indigenous peoples, rock-and-roll stars, presidents, farmers, and scientists have all called it the "heart". In terms of contemporary medical biological science, the functionality is presented to exist in the limbic system at the center of the cortex, in the brain "stem" and in the direct "patch-panelling" to organ - the ancient pump of life - called (by the same name) - the heart.

Now it is my contention that, because of the operation of these two separate centers, that the systematics of consciousness is dual, and we are dealing with a binary valued observation every time we become conscious of anything. It is quite common for the intellectual to deny existence of the heart, but I would respond to intellectual elitists, and would suggest that even the greatest scientists possessed respect for the other non-intellectual center, such as the recorded words of Albert Einstein.

The Elements of Nature in the Outer World.

Nature of the outer world is "shared" by many.
Science teaches the children of today that nature is made of atoms.
This is an intellectual teaching, and is not from the heart.
The living EARTH has been "analysed" by the mind into 92 elemental atoms.
But this is the testimony of the mind of science.
Although it may be correct in terms of the framework of the intellect
it does not appear to be in agreement with the testimony of the heart.

The heart concerns itself with survival, and the survival of loved ones.
It does not need atoms or molecules to survive.

The teaching of the heart is simple to understand, and if the indigenous peoples of our planet were asked this question then they would reply in the same manner as would I - that the teaching of the heart is that is basically needs (from the Outer World) the following "elements of life" ...

AIR: to breath

WATER: to drink when thirsty.

FOOD/EARTH: to eat when hungry.

LIGHT&HEAT=FIRE: to have the body warm and enable to mind to see through the eyes.

If these four (ancient elements) are provided for,
then a living being should be thankful.
For they are the elements of terrestrial life on earth.

Personally, I do not regard material possessions as essential
or even worthy of contemplation (at this level of teaching).

Finally, how do I consider the consideration of other people in the outside world?

At this stage I do not, for I have not yet expressed the nature of the Inner World, and until I can understand what is within me, how then can I understand what it is to desribe another, or to represent them as elements of the outer world?

Therefore, I have said that nature is:

EARTH: Mountains, soil, sandgrains (once mountains), rock, ...

WATER: Ocean, river, stream, rain, snow, cloud, ice ....

AIR: Wind

FIRE: The heat and light of the world ..... from the sun.

I am now at the end of speaking of the elements of outer nature. You will notice that I have not mentioned any of the entities of the living kingdoms of nature in the outer world. The above is therefore simply a description of the Mineral Kingdom - known to the intellect of Aristotle as Non-Life. The kindoms of life (plant, animal and man) will be returned to in discussion of the inner world. Surely there is life present in the nature of the outer world, but its discussion will be retained until the elemental framework of this outer world is established, and we consider our own Inner World.

We have thereby established that the elements of the nature of the Outer World - as known to the heart - to the survival of life - as being the earth, water, air and the fire (heat & light) - the same ancient four discussed by the classicial Greek scholars (and their less "scholarly" forebears) of antiquity. We need now consider their arrangement in the world, and how they inter-relate in the terrestrial realms we call the planet earth.

It seems apparent that - until we agree on the nature of that realm into which we were born and within which we spend our days and nights, how then shall we communicate of any greater nature which abounds in the cosmos?

Therefore I ask you to think .... and tell me whether nature is or is not as simple as I have stated.

The Arrangement of the Elements of Nature in the Outer World:
The Terrestrial and Cosmic Environments ...

In the Southern lattitudes, the Mid-Autumn draws near once again, while in the Northern hemisphere the Spring Equinox is drawing near. The global cycles - circles, spirals and the evolution of life & consciousness.

In the Outer World I see the terrestrial and I see the cosmic.
Both are everpresent environments which are eternally interfaced in the realms which we call "home" ....

The terrestrial environment - of earth and water and wind (air) - is elementally driven from a central cosmic FIRE which we call the sun or sol. This eco-systemic engine is sourced from the cosmic realms - from the cosmic environment. Although it permeates at every sweeping dawn the terrestrial world of the planet, and filters down into the living patterns of earth and water and air, and all the kingdoms of life which are supported therein, it comes from a non-terrestrial source. It is the central FIRE about which we orbit. It is at the center of everything: every intellectual atom and molecule, every material object on the planet and every living being in the kingdoms of nature ...

Moreso, the earth is not alone. The greatest light of the night, and the ruler of the tides of terrestrial waters is the moon. Now let's get this correct ...

The earth and the moon actually orbit each other. They form a binary system. And it is the earth-moon system which orbits the central fire. The moon is thus on the borderlands of the terrestrial environment, and greatly conrtibutes to that environment in its own manner and according to dual systematics.

So there we have the Outer world ...

The path of the earth-moon system is the dual helical strand - the spiral - as it moves around the sun as the sun moves around the "Milky Way", "The Great Path", "The Stary Road", or simply "The Way" ..... our galaxy of suns/stars.

The cosmic environment is like a great ocean of light upon which, scattered here and there at remote locations, are living terrestrial islands, and it is upon such a one that we call the earth-moon system that we - the circle of light - and all mankind and all the kingdoms of nature now dwell - and have dwelt ... and (hopefully) will dwell.

And this - this simplistic yet natural view of nature, is how I see where we are here.

I needed to explain this to you like I have because I am about to try and paint a natural picture of the Inner World of Nature - and one which I do not think has been drawn too often. (Leastways - I have not found such a description beforehand).

The Ancient wisdoms of all the global ancestors of the kingdoms of nature are not lost - for they are ever-present. Just as the terrestrial environment reflects the waves of changes (day/night, winter/summer, and the phases of the moon) - these all arise from the ever-present "interface" (or to use the old word - reflection - as that of the sky and mountains in a high lake or pond) to the greater and more universal cosmic environment.

The ancient wisdoms are ever alive - they do not die for they do not age - they merely change their form ....

And this is what I hope to be achieving for the children of the third millenia, and their children's children ... and all of nature.

The disciplines of the Physical Sciences are about to undergo a momentous change .... for it is my belief that the doctrine of matter will shortly undergo a great paradigm change.

And this will flow on to the education of the children of the future. For presently the disciplines of science & technology do not possess the undertanding of the nature of nature ....

Through the efforts of every living being on the planet this will become possible .... and it relates to the way nature is the same on the Inner World as it is in the Outer World.

For each soul is a bridge, a drop in the ocean of life.
A star in the cosmic sea of light - each living thing.

Peace from the dreamtime where the ancient fires still burn bright in the heart and mind,
and the eyes and ears of the old ones still see and hear the world as it lives the breath of daylight.


PRF Brown
BCSLS {Freshwater}
Mountain Man Graphics, Australia


The Nature of the Outer World

Web Publication by Mountain Man Graphics, Australia in the Southern Autumn of 1996