Australian Native Peoples

A Night of Reconciliation
Thursday 5 March 1998
Organised by the Manly Warringah Pittwater Aboriginal Support Group,
Co-ordinated by Dr Peter Macdonald, MP of Manly,
Actively supported by Mr Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil,
MC'd by Mr Peter Fitzimons - according to the following agenda,
at the Manly Warringah Rugby League Club, Brookvale, Sydney

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Agenda of Community Meeting

Time Native Title Community Information Event
7:00 MC Introduction and Traditional Welcome
Carolyn Pattison - Guringai LAECG
7:05 Choir - National Anthem - Harbord Primary School
7:10 Lapa Dancers and Traditional Welcome
7:10 MC Introductions & Messages ...
  • Clr Sue Sacker, Mayor of Manly,
  • Clr Sam Danieli, Mayor of Warringah
  • Clr Patricia Giles, Mayor of Pittwater
7:27 Pauline McLeod - poet, story teller, stolen children
7:39 Betty Little - singer/songwriter
7:47 Jeff Kildea, Barrister
7:59 Susan Bradley - pastoralist from the Kimberleys
8:11 Prof Garth Nettheim - UNSW Law School
8:21 Rob Sitch video
8:30 Peter Garrett - lead singer, Midnight Oil
8:42 Aden Ridgeway, Aboriginal leader,
activist & political aspirant, NSW LandCouncil
8:55 MC invites all speakers on to the stage
8:57 Choir leads singing of "We are Australian" - Harbord Primary School
9:05 Evening concludes
Perusal of Hand-Out Information:
  • Aboriginal Support Group - Manly Warringah Pittwater
  • National Indigenous Working Group on Native Title
  • Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
  • Some Mabo Myths - Indigenous Law Center - UNSW
  • Who Owns the Land? - Prof Garth Nettheim, ILC (UNSW)
  • I Am Australian - Lead by Harbord Primary School Choir

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