Surfi Tales

Original Stuff
from DownUnder

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Some Sets in the LineUp ...

Set 1 - The Spirit of Surfing ... the Nature of Surf & other Stories
Set 2 - The Elements of Nature ... Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ecosystemics
Set 3 - The Emerald Planet Incident ... An Off-World Surfing Saga
Set 4 - The Fourth set has gone walkabout (See above)
Set 5 - Surf Poetry from the Seventies ... Children of the Ocean
Set 6 - More Surf Poetry ... The Mythology of the Surf God "Huey"
Set 7 - лллл The 7th SET is on its way from beyond the distant horizons
Set 8 - SUN on WATER ... Reflections from from Old Surf Warrior, 2006
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