There is a mighty mountain pass,
The CauseWay of the Sun;
To Whom ALL Earth gives Homage,
For Whom the Days Began.

Mountain Man, Deep Himalaya, Nepal, 1976-77

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[40000BC] The Dreamtime: Australian aboriginal peoples resources - insights from the planet's most ancient culture.
[3700-BC] The Rig Veda: The ancient OuterWorldview: sun, earth, moon, sky, wind, water, fire - nature of Primal Man.
[3700-BC] The Mystic Fire: Hymns to the Mystic Fire - Commentary [1946] on the Rig Veda by Sri Aurobindo.
[1400-BC] Katha Upanishad: The ancient InnerWorldview: the inner nature of man - unchanging ...
[0600-BC] The Ancient West: Thales, Heraclitus & others - Nature and the Indigenous Roots of Western Culture
[0570-BC] Pythagoras: Resources notes & references - Science, Nature and the Immortal Soul
[0544-BC] The Gospel of Buddha: Compiled from ancient record by Dr. Paul Carus, USA, 1894
[0544-BC] Nature of Mind: What is the Mind? Where does the mind exist? Eastern Science speaks across the millenia
[0520-BC] Global PreAmble A look at a typical mystical day in the year of 520BC, from a Eurasian global perspective
[0300-BC] The TAO: The Mystic Writings of Ancient China concerning the Way of Life and of Virtue ...
[0130-BC] The Tirukural: by Saint Tiruvalluvar, southern India - appropriate for the planet and all Ages
[0004-AD] Jesus of Nazareth : A summary of the entire Bible in a few short words - by the man of Whom it speaks
[0010-AD] Apollonius of Tyana: "The Buried Classic" of Philostratus {220AD} - Western Sage journeys to India
[0030-AD] The Sermon on the Mount: And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain ...
[0270-AD] The Hermetic Wisdom: "As is below, so it is above; as on earth, so in the sky ..."
[0571-AD] The Prophet Muhammad: A brief sketch of his life; & the wisdom of the Qur'an
[0606-AD] Chien-chih Seng-ts'an: Third Zen Patriarch - Hsin Hsin Ming (Faith Mind)
[1706-AD] Saint Thayumanavar: The 1400 Hymns of the Silent Sage - Uncircumscribed Effulgence
[1854-AD] Chief Seattle: The Spirit of the American Indians - On Record for the Survival of ManKind
[1869-AD] Henry Kendall: The Spirit of the Australian Mountain Bush - Bellbirds - "By channels of coolness ..."
[1872-AD] Yogaswami: The Ageless Words of the Sri Lankan Master [1874-1964]
[1880-AD] Alvin Boyd Kuhn: A Pennsylvanian writer - The Great Myth of the Sun Gods [1880-1963]
[1882-AD] Clerk Maxwell: Axioms of Traditional Western Doctrine of Physical Science - Matter and Motion
[1884-AD] "GURU JI": The Science of the Soul - Wisdom of Maharaj Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh (B.Sc.) [1884-1951]
[1888-AD] Banjo Patterson: The Man from Snowy River, & other epics - the legendary spirit of Outback Australia
[1902-AD] A Forest Monk: An Autobiography of a Forest Meditation Monk - Venerable Ajahn Tate, Thailand
[1905-AD] Albert Einstein: What is the relativity concerning the Inner cosmos and the Outer cosmos?
[1908-AD] Swami Muktananda: Siddha Yogi - Observer of the Play of Consciousness - upon the Path of Love
[1911-AD] Dr Charles Eastman: Born Ohiyesa of the Santee Sioux in 1858 writes concerning The Soul of the Indian
[1914-AD] Kahlil Gibran: Which one of us listens to the hymn of the brook when the tempest speaks?
[1915-AD] Kahanamoku: ali'i nobility: concern for others, humility in victory, courage in adversity, sportsmanship
[1915-AD] The Superman: All-Will and Free-Will and The Delight of Works - publications of Sri Aurobindo
[1926-AD] Alfred North Whitehead: Religion in the Making - A Series of 4 Lectures
[1927-AD] Desiderata: Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence {Max}
[1931-AD] The Electromagnetic Field: Two articles on Clerk Maxwell's work - Albert Einstein & Thomas Torrance
[1948-AD] Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Proclamation of the United Nations General Assembly
[1962-AD] The Future Evolution of Man: Collation of the works of Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) by Saint-Hilaire
[1965-AD] Julius Sumner Miller: Why is the sky blue? Why is the sunset red? Why is a dewdrop round? Why is it So?
[1969-AD] The Eagle & GAIA: The Eagle lands on the Moon - Lovelock & Margulis postulate the Gaia Hypothesis
[1970-AD] The Infinite River: A Biologist's (William H. Amos) Vision of the World of Water - Elemental and profound
[1972-AD] Isaac Asimov: The Triple Triumph of the Moon - A mystery as deep as Time Itself ...
[1982-AD] Fritjof Capra: "The Turning Point" - The Systems View of Life - EcoSystemic Science
[1984-AD] Order Out of Chaos: [Book Review] - Ilya Prigogine & Isabelle Stengers - Man's new discourse with Nature
[1989-AD] Dalai Lama: Nobel Peace Prize, Oslo, Norway, 1989 - Acceptance Speech by the exiled King of Tibet
[1992-AD] Wisdom of the Elders: Review - Knudtson & Suzuki - Native & Scientific Mind - a Sacred Ecology
[1992-AD] Redfern Statement: Australian PM welcomes in UN International Year (93) for World's Indigenous People
[1993-AD] Rights of Indigeneous Peoples: United Nations Draft Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
[1994-AD] Transcendence: The Need Thereof in a PostModern World - speech by Vaclav Havel (Czech president)
[1996-AD] TUCSON II: Emergence of Interdisciplinary Conferences "Towards a Science of Consciousness"
[1998-AD] Indigenous Spirituality: Native Title & Reconciliation - The First Peoples: Australia and the Planet

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Global Oceanic Surf Links: As the ocean encloses the earth, this reference encloses RealWebSurfing
Global Terrestrial Nativity: And the cosmic solidarity of the human soul - all peoples are indigenous
Theories of the Aether: Emergent scientific theories re-examine the ancient aether
The Gaia Hypothesis: A Resource compilation of scientific commentary on the work of Lovelock & Margulis
NonLinear Systems: The emergent science of Chaos and fractal geometry - Reviews and Resources
Intellectual Property: Patents, TradeMarks, Designs, Copyright ... An Australian IP Web Resource document
UseNet Archive: The Mountain Man's 1995/96/97 Archive of Random Posts found on the Internet NewsGroups
hobbit's IRC Guide: A Guide to Internet Relay Chat - OnLine lectures, discussions, quizzes and chat.

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    This article re-examines the nature of the four ancient elements - earth, water, air and fire - of the western world.

    From time immemorial, before the tribes of man became even aware of each other and the extent of the planet, upon which they had co-evolved, there existed a commonality in the midst of the ancient truths concerning the nature of nature.

    Until quite recently - the western terrestrial world was considered to consist of the four ancient elements. And this "quite recently" represents for some a couple of hundred years, but for others - who have not been educated to the new way of the western world - it represents this very day, today.

    Within the academic engine of science, the four ancient elements have been surrepticiously and unceremoniously replaced by the overwealming success of analytical cartesian systems arising out of the western industrial and technological revolution. The concepts of solid, liquid, gas and (more recently) plasma - representing the scientific "states of matter" - have all but replaced their more ancient counterparts - earth, water, air and fire.

    In this article, this Age Old classification of the Elements of Nature is re-examined in the light of our space-age technology and with the full informational resources available at the closing of the second millennia. For clearly these four elements still exist. The ancient elements are related to survival - not only of mankind, but to all the hosts of life and to all the natural eco-systems that are evident within the terrestrial environment.


    Mathematical Physicists, psychologists, molecular biologists, neuroscientists and other scientists in a wide range of fields have begun to assert "that understanding the nature of consciousness is an important scientific goal, and that perhaps the most important question that science faces at the present time". Undetered (for once) that it cannot be immediately measured, formal discussions and forums, conferences and On-Line magazines have been established to further the scientific understanding and collaboration in this area. One such conference is that hosted annually by the University of Arizona, and to each year a call for abstracts is made. Being descended from a line of little Aussie Battlers, it was decided that the Mountain Man should also this year submit an abstract to this conference, as a token of observation from "The Land of Oz" down-under. This paper is that abstract submitted.


    Any approach to the awesome immensities and consequent proliferation of information concerning life and nature must commence somewhere. If we look back to the "beginnings" of civilisation, we see that the world was simple.

    There was the earth and the waters and the air, and the elements of nature were also the necessary elements of survival. Moreover, these ancient classifications of life, namely the structure of the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom were understood by not only our ancestors, but even in the present day, are more or less intuitively understood by everyone.

    Therefore, in substantiation to the claims made in my advance papers, the fundamental and age-old structures inherent in the above "world views" have been overhauled in the light of current scientific knowledge, and then represented for discussion. In doing so, the historical track of divergence from this older more natural world is delineated, and a number of surprising observations are made.

    The Mineral Kingdom is basically that kingdom which, if the plants and animals and man were to disappear, would still exist. It is the natural and ancient foundation therefore for life itself. Although it is sensibly determined that realm of the Mineral Kingdom effects its inhabitants through the aspect of its terrestrial environment which we call "our home earth", we will also clearly perceive that the Mineral Kingdom has a more fundamental source of effect in that it extends (with the assistance of contemporary knowledge) into the earth's cosmic environment.


    This is a project concerned with understanding the fundamental nature of nature itself and, for want of a better description at present it is might be paraphrased "The Fundaments of Celestial Metaphysics". The fundamentals of nature have been misunderstood before today, and all who sought their fuller and more complete specification have always been cognisant of "a great depth" about which appear to be only scratching the surface.

    Held at one time with leaders of the people, then the ancient rulers of the lands, then the church, and now within the many branches of the "Faculty of Science", the contemporary specification of the fundamentals of nature (know also to many as the "Laws of Nature") has always provided the charter to "educate" the un-educated people.

    There are many articles available on the History of Science and the development of Scientific thought. The human conception of nature has undergone tremendous change through the ages, and in particular these last few centuries. Yet, even as the children and other students of the planet Earth are educated to the background of "The Age of Western Scientific Discovery", mankind is now accelerating into the new millenia, and the "Age of Global Information".

    The fundamentals of the nature in the contemporary specification are clearly materialist, and cover the experimental observation of material entities in the "Outer Cosmos". The scale of these entities extend from one invisible world - of the Sub-Atomic Particles, to the atomic and molecular and chemical structural entities, through to those common and visible in the "industrial & Technological every day world" (cars, planes and surfboards). From this point, the scales extend into a second invisible world and through to the sky and the stars and the edge of the observable universe.

    Yet the expected General (material) Field Theory is still not forthcoming.
    This is rather surprising to many scientific ways of thought.
    And it is certainly NOT an appropriate way to commence the "Information Age".
    This article re-examines the fundamentals of nature from a unique perspective.


    I stumbled across a webulous posting of this document, and have not yet researched its background or prepared any cohesive editorial review. It dates to 10 December 1948 and all I have done with it is to mark it up for the web - and thus (hopefully) making it available for the review and interest of the folk. I can tell you that the declaration makes worthwhile reading if you have not yet read it. And for any research projects which may relate to the themes contained therein, it can often provide a great and unexpected resource.

    Any commentary concerning the history of this document, any inaccuracies or omissions, and further reference material relating to development of the contents of this declaration would be appreciated by E-Mail.


    The Ancient Elements of earth, water, air and fire form the basis for this article describing the nature of "Oceanic" Surf from the perspective of a global energy interchange. The nature of waves still reflect fundamental secrets concerning the perception of true human reality amidst the commercial gloss, hype and materialism of our fast approaching 21st Century "Way Of Life". The "Nature of Surf" presents a a number of unique and simple lessons concerned with the basic understanding of the world in which we live from day to day to day to day to day to ..... the spectrum of the Ages.


    Sourced from the ancient china of about 500 BC, in the time of Confucius, but in parallel with his philosophy, the series of related mystical writings has been attributed to the author Lao Tzu. The texts are the work of the american translator Raymond Blakney, and are prefaced by some of his commentary concerning the history of these writings.

    TAO: A road, a path, the way by which the people travel, the way of nature and finally the way of ultimate reality.

    TE: Virtue, character, influence, moral force. The chinese character consists of three parts - (1) an ideograph meaning "to go", (2) another, meaning "straight"; and (3) a picturograph meaning "the heart". Put together, the definition is "the outward effect of a man and the inward effect of the self."

    Readers who may not yet have cast their eye over any of this ancient chinese mystical sayings and verse, should think seriously about doing so when the opportunity presents itself. That truth should be restricted to only one part of the ancient earth's surface is not in character with universality. The ancient TAO of the chinese reclusive mystics is still very much alive...


    The Man from Snowy River, tells the story of a young mountain lad, mounted on a small mountain pony, who rides out with the experienced stockmen in pursuit of a runaway horse. Because of his size, and the size of his pony he is first rediculed, but when the wild bush horses take to the wild and rugged mountain tracts, he and his pony grow in stature ....

    Clancy of the Overflow represents the express wish of many 20th century city-bound folk who would probably just love to pack up and "hit the trail" over the Great Dividing Ranges, and out-back over the slopes and plain of the great Australian bush, "where the drovers go" ...

    Been There Before is a poem expressing that laconic humour of the experienced bushman, who, like the ancient Homer, is never at a loss, especially when returning to a township through which, at an earlier time for another errand, he had already journeyed.


    I am at heart a surfer, and relate to the "Great Water" in my own simple manner. There is, to my well being, little better than a wave or two in the early morning. It brings peace and freedom, and provides that necessary link to a nature which does not change. During the "FlatAzzA" spells, when the waves are no longer to be found, there is time to maintain what has become the most comprehensive reference document concerning "SURFING" on the web today. More it is, than just an individually annotated "List of Lists", it provides a definitive statement as to the extent the surfing community is represented on the web at this point in time. In distinction to CyberSurfing" or "NetSurfing", this resource relates to "RealSurfing".


    Recommended reading for those who are seeking information on the deeper nature of our environment, on the relation between man and the world around him and on the general field of existence. Chief Seattle was asked to "sell" the land of his ancestors in return for the advancement of civilisation. This article represents the chief's reply. To Chief Seattle, and presented in its true context, is attributed the saying .......

    Much is to be percieved in the simple words of this great man. If you have not yet had the opportunity to read this transcript then take that opportunity now. Further links to other web resources concerning documentation of the native American indians, their ways of life, their history and their undertanding of the ways of nature, are appended to this article.

    NOTE: A further "article" has been brought to my attention - one which claims to be the "correct" 1854 statement of Chief Seattle, and which attributes the "Generally Accepted Version" (above) to the inspiration of one Ted Perry of Middlebury College, US, in the early 1970's. This matter has been linked and reported in the conclusion of the "Generally Accepted Version", in conjunction with associated supporting information.


    The acceptance speech by Tenzin Gyatso, the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet. in response to being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, in Olso, Norway, 1989. Without exception, I would greatly recommend to All and Everyone interested ... to do some personal research on the parameters & foundations of either Inner Peace, or OuterWorld Global Peace. When his peaceful mountain kingdom of Tibet was invaded by the Chinese army, he was 16 years of age, yet without giving up hope, or honour, or yet seeking revenge, the man found the path of peace, and at the same time the attention of the world. Today, we all look forward to the time when Tibet can again welcome its true king back to the "Roof of the World", and when the great mountain lands can again be free. The document is appended with further reference information in this area, and itself is referenced by the Australian National University WWWVL: Tibetan Studies. Peace is the most foundational and constructive framework of life. Get into it!


    The man who stood between Newton & Einstein, who pioneered the trail for traditional Western Physical Sciences in the fields of Electricty and Magnetism and the conception of the "Electromagnetic Field". Maxwell's equations still stand at the core of much contemporary Theoretical Physics. This publication is a series of articles which reproduce (in part) the "Little Red Book of the West", entitled "Matter and Motion", written by James Clerk Maxwell in 1882. In this 100 year old publication provides a clear and concise description of the (then) contemporary principles upon which the theories of the Western Physical Sciences were founded. Also clearly perceived in this article is the clear statement of future needed development concerning the concept of energy and the concept of relativity of motion. The publication is fowarded by editorial commentary.


    Now here is a story for one who has an ear for the nature of nature, for this is the story of a western sage born in ancient Greece, about the time of Christ. The account was published by one Philostratus in about 22O AD, and concerns the life of the greatest of the Ancient Greek philosophers. If we are to judge from the account of Philostratus, then we would see Apollonius as the greatest of the Greek philosophers simply because, not only had he command of his nature, but by application of both the wisdom and understanding of Inner and Outer nature, he was able to cross frontiers of experience which others, even kings, revered.

    It covers the life and journey of this Western sage to remote India and back, and his meeting with the Brahmins there in the ancient East. The intriguing mystery as to how this work has been until recently "overlooked" by the traditional Christian classical libraries, is patently directly related to the parallels which may be drawn between the life of this man of Tyana and the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    If you are inclined to the appreciation of a classic story, it is highly recommended that you dig this epic text out of your local library.

    In this web publication we have attempted to engineer a solution to the problem faced by the original editor, James Loeb, of the Loeb Classical Library, Munich, which he clearly states in the preface of his 1912 publication ......

    "Means must be found to place these treasures within the reach of all who care for the finer things of life.
    The mechanical and social achievements of our day must not blind our eyes to the fact that,
    in all that relates to man, his nature and aspirations,
    we have added little or nothing to what has been so finely said by the great men of old."

  • ALBERT EINSTEIN - A Selection of Quotes:

    Albert Einstein is most often credited for his revolutionary postulation of the Theory of Relativity, both the Special and General, and for the statement of the formula "E=mc2" expressing a relationship between matter and energy. What many people may not be so familiar with are his views and commentary on nature and the relationship between man, science and religion. During early years of travel and book reading, I often found it convenient to transcribe assorted brief articles, quotes and other items of interest to a portable exercise book. Sourced from various books, this publication represents this collection which relate to Albert Einstein. I would understand it is far from complete, and would welcome any additional referenced information. The collection is appended with pointers to further resource documents and articles on the web, concerning this great man.


    From the preface of this book, dated April of 1981, we learn the background of this American Physicist ...

    "My main professional interest during the 1970's has been the dramatic change of concepts and ideas that occurred in physics during the first three decades of the century, and that is still being eleborated in our current theories of matter. The new concepts in physics have brought about a profound change of our world view; from the mechanistic conception of Descartes and Newton to a holistic and ecological view, a view which I have found to be similar to the views of mystics of all ages and traditions."

    For interested students, I have gathered together extracts from a chapter of Capra's "The Turning Point" which is entitled "The Systems View of Life". This web publication cannot do justice to Capra's full works, but it can act as review of some of the more fundamental concepts which I have discovered in review of his works, and as an incentive to visit the old local library or bookstore, where the original books and further research may be accomplished.


    I have been fortunate enough to be engaged in a field of employment at present relating to Intellectual Property, and for this reason, out of interest, have gathered together some of the major resources relating to Intellectual Property (ie: Patents, Trade Marks and Designs). This project represents the compilation and maintenance of a resource document concerning the presence of international Intellectual Property information as established on the WWW at the present time. It is written from the perspective of an Australian individual, simply because (1) Intellectual Property Legislation is presently established on a country by country basis, and (2) I am an Australian individual.


    Western Physical Science, in pursuit of the substance and material specifications of the "Outer World", cannot be relied upon to provide the required foundations concerning the nature of the "Inner World". Yet the Western Disciplines of Philosophy, Cognitive Science, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Science, Genetic Science and Psychology in the present day are wooing the commercially viable and applied framework afforded by the Physical Sciences to provide substantiation for their "theories".

    In previous articles (eg: Maxwell) we have seen that the Frames of Reference specified for the domain of the Physical Sciences do not allow expansion into the "Life Sciences", and that therefore these contemporary Western disciplines are forever placing the cart before the horse. Students of Life should thus be directed to the "Eastern Sciences" wherein the nature of the inner world has been on record for millenia. This article looks at one of the recorded teachings of Buddha, concerning the location and nature of the mind.

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    There is a mighty mountain pass,
    The CauseWay of the Sun;
    To Whom ALL Earth gives Homage,
    For Whom the Days Began.

    Mountain Man, Deep Himalaya, Nepal, 1976-77

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