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The 1995 Archive ...

An Indian Prayer Christmas Day: North American Native Indian Prayer - for EveryDay {alt.native}
Human Rights & Mining: Native & Indigenous Peoples, Mining, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights {alt.native}
RandomQuotes: A Random Collection of quotes pumped into UseNet during '95 {all.news.groups}
Neutonian Contributions: Isaac Newton's first post to USENET in over 300 years! {sci.physics}
A Simple Thought Experiment:Terrestrial Islands upon an Ocean of Light ....{sci.physics}
Science, Dice & Sci.Physics: A selection of posts from sci.physics ...{sci.physics}
"The Ether of Space": The Search continues - The Aether may yet exist ...{alt.sci.physics-new-theories}
"Why Two Tides?": An Explanation for the Diurnal Oceanic Tides ... {sci.physics}
The WHY of Watching Owl: Where are you that dwell within the dreamtime? {alt.gathering.rainbow}
Consciousness for Robots (R2D2 Thread) : Natural {alt.consciousness,sci.physics,sci.cognitive,alt.sci.new-theories}
Santa Cruz Soul Surfing: Memorial Service for Beth Pitt - observations from Fang {alt.surfing}
History of Global Oceanic Surf Links: On the last day of the Southern Winter of 1995 ... {alt.surfing}
The Crackpot Index: A simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to physics.
Earth and Sun and Moon: Human Tribe - From the album of the same name - Midnight Oil, 1993.


The 1996 Archive ...

Sacred Assembly Proclamation: Canadian Aboriginal Sacred Assembly '95, Hull, Quebec, 6-9 Dec'95 {alt.native}
Loving Unified Field Geometry: One quite topological post concerning a little of everything {sci.physics}
The Distribution of Stars in the Cosmos: A Scientific Predicition concerning Harmonic Distributions {sci.astro, sci.physics}
Seasonal Hemisphericity: When the winter breaks in the north, the central fire moves from the Southern Skies {sci.physics}
Australia Day in America: Australian Aboriginal Elders travel to the US to put matters right ...{alt.native}
Native American Poetry: A book review - Poetic Selections from the work of Larry Kibby
Native American Writings: A book review - Selections from the work of Julia White
Wise Women of the Dreamtime: Australian Aboriginal "Tales of Ancestral Powers" - book review - Johanna Lambert
Random UseNet Poetry: Water made in Dawn, Healer in Kind, Rainbow Songs, Shouting at the Wind, Powers and Magic
Surplus Answers: The Dilemma of the LayMan - as address by Dale Means (Acting Head Layman)
Differential Gravitation: A new theory of gravitation has been proposed on UseNet by Ross Tessien
Language and Nature: The language of the mystic and the poet - Max Desorgher
What is this thing called Life?: Shedding some light on the phenomena - miltozah
Gnostic Meditations on the Buddha: From - hermes95@accessone.com (Michael Green)
The Nature of the Heart: beyond the pumping of blood - Marcus S. Robinson
The Nature of Mind & Consciousness: continuance of the thread from usenet - Mountain Man (Jun'96)
Testing the Theory of Relativity: Introducing the Painted Pony ... Jones & Lebau (Sep'96)
Quotes from the Past: Looking back - perspective in the light of experience (Oct'96)
Common Cause of Gravity & Magnetism: An interesting post by Ralph Sansbury to sci.physics (Oct'96)
Why Old Guys Surf?: Ranjack and Foondoggy provide the necessary specifications ... (Oct'96)
TallMountain Awards: Background, Mary TallMountain, San Francisco, 23 Nov 1996 (Nov'96)
National Aboriginal History and Heritage Council: 1938 Day of Mourning - background (Nov'96)
The Yorta Yorta Land Claims: Daily progress reports by Rod Hagen (from Oct'96)
The Flight of Ducks: Multimedia documentation of a journey into Central Oz in 1933 (Nov'96)
Homesick for the Land: "Where is the land I have seen in a dream?" (Dec'96)
New Ideas in Natural Science: Outline Articles arising from the Conference, St Petersburg, RUSSIA (Dec'96)
FAQ: Learning to Surf: An alt.surfing primer document - by Chris Payne via Tom Tweed (Dec'96)
Two Shepherds & The Dreamer's Light: A short verse received from cyberspace (Dec'96)
The DRIP model of light: An analogy to photon behaviour which removes the mystery from QM. (Dec'96)
Solar Harmonics & Planetary Orbits: The planets orbit at the nodes of waves of fluctuations in solar output (Dec'96)
The Nature of Work: What is the nature of work? Michael Green provides the specifications (Dec'96)
The Internet Science Education Project: Jack Sarfatti, Ph D introduces Post_Quantum Physics (Dec'96)


The 1997 Archive ...

On the Nature of the Soul: Observations by the mountain man - natural & scientific specifications of the soul (Jan'97)
A Response to The Sacred Circle: Trish King - global acknowledgement of the Cosmic Law (Jan'97)
The Vedas and Modern Science: From the oldest literature on the planet - modern insights (Jan'97)
The Ocean Of Light Experiment: Warning !! This Thought Experiment may be irreversible ... (Jan'97)
The 8 Distance Systems of Space: An introduction to K12 Resources and the works of David Kaufman (Jan'97)
HTML Background Color Chart: Specifications for Netscape Versions 3.0 or higher - courtesy MTM Research (Jan'97)
Gnosis Overview: An introduction to Gnosis and Gnostic Literature by Dean Edwards (Feb'97)
Advances in Indian History: Decipherment of the Indus seals and Indian History (Feb'97)
The Most Ancient Writings: From 3700 BC, The Creation Hymn of the Rig Veda (Feb'97)
The Big Bang Myth: Scientific Sojourns ... An article by Keith Stein (Feb'97)
The Seed of Stoke: Planted like a seed in the soul ... from Foondoggy in alt.surfing (Feb'97)
The Magic Coat: Mantle of Youthful Journeys ... Foondoggy in alt.surfing (Feb'97)
UseNet Poetry of Wisdom: The 1997 Archive of Random Poetry of Wisdom
Natural Law & Layers Theory: An outline of the appearance of layers in nature ... by Island
Genl. Jan Smuts (South African philosopher-statesman, father of "Holism", 1870-1950) wrote regarding the "mountain"
Photon Counts: The distribution of cosmic energy (photons) by way of the EM spectrum
Goldie's Post: Your daily life is your temple and your religion.
Self-Organising Systems FAQ: Information on a newly emergent field of the sciences - from Chris Lucas.
Threads from sci.physics: Discussions upon the nature of this and that
Understanding Karma: Discussions upon the nature of that and this
Great Mistakes of the Physicists: Isn't the physics going astray? by H. V. Ansari
Problems and the Philosophy Inherent in Modern Physics: A set of pertinent questions by Paul Stowe
What is Fire?: The Undetectable and the Non-Existent - Mati Meron, and other threads
Alt.Surfing Reference: dmc posts footnote in regard to the homeland of the mountain man.


The 1998 Archive ...

Against Excessive Skepticism: Against Close-minded Science ... Selection of Quotes from William Beaty
the Last Good Wave: Foondoggy weaves more magic moments in alt.surfing
The Principles of Natural Systems: The Six Principles of Birch, with commentary by (the Permacultural) Bill Mollison
The Cause of Gravity, EM & QM: Further mathematical specifications of the aether by Paul Stowe
Of Gurus and Masters: An opinion of Samuel, on the difference ...
Indigenous Spirituality: The exchange of a pair of Old Timers on considered matters of depth and simplicity ...
The Wave Nature of Matter: Ray Tomes quotes Wolff on the wave nature of all things ...
Senses and Physics: The senses - 4 modern forces and the 4 ancient elements - of nature
Heart and Mind and Soul and Spirit: Mountain Man muses over some celestial metaphysics ...
The Heart's Role in Consciousness: Emergent evidence to suggest the heart is more than it seems ...
The Aether Hypothesis and MMX: Did Michaelson & Morley's experiment disprove the existence of Aether?
Why Does Gravity Attract?: Discussions in sci.physics seeking the metaphysics behind the mathematics.
Averaging cannot Yield Anistropy: Philosophical and mathematical observations by Tom Roberts.
Causes in Physics: Further discussion of the deeper meanings behind current Physics theory.
Death of a Sandbar: Can this be the end of the FoonBunker Sufbreak? Modern crisis management ...
The Ancient Elements of Nature: QUESTION: Are these to be regarded as a Proto-Science?
Processes of Science & Mathematics: Is Mathematics a Science? Mati Meron's express opinion ...
Are the Sciences Reducible to Physics?: Arguments presented against excessive and ardent scientific reductionism.
Golden Precepts: A Sieve for Panning for Golden Precepts - trappings of a spiritual prospector.
Just Another Surf Story: A reminder not to let the other “stuff” of life cloud the issue (Jack)
The Holographic Paradigm : Consciousness, Physics and the All-Inclusive Holographic Paradigm (Hermital)
NonEquilibrium Thermodynamics & Life: A few interesting posts about thermodynamics and life.
What is the shape of a falling Raindrop?: Close enough to a sphere, no matter what popular artists might think.
The Two Body Problem in GR: You thought the 3-Body problem of celestial mechanics was bad?
Discussions on the Aether: Examination of attenuation gravity induction heating - Le Sage (Dan M & Paul Stowe)
Big Bang and the Smoking Gun Analogy: Examining the evidence of a smoking gun, or a smoking cup of coffee?
The Music of Our Sphere: Leading to the Schumann resonance ... one of the more subdued posts of Uncle Al.


The 1999 Archive ...

Nature and Surfing: Sponge asks "What is the exact physiological allure of surfing?"
Attenuation [Pushing] Gravity : An Overview of the Concept of Attenuation [Pushing] Gravity (Paul Stowe)
World Surf Day 1999: Story/Report filed from the remote tracts of (Surfing) Vancouver Island (Cam).
Secret Society: A glimpse into the secret life of a deep-woods PNW surfer - Lemming®.
A Dunce's Dictionary: "A Guide To The Disguise of Stupidity" - 3TreesCondor® @lexiconographics.com.np

The 2000-2007 Archive ...

NAMASTE: "The spirit in me honours the spirit in you. [Nepalese greeting 2006]
NAMASTE: "The spirit in me honours the spirit in you. [Nepalese greeting 2007]
NAMASTE: "The spirit in me honours the spirit in you. [Nepalese greeting 2009]



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